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25 of the Best Disney Christmas Movies to Watch this Season

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Christmas is the perfect time to snuggle up with a warm blanket with the family gathered and enjoy some nostalgic Disney Christmas Movies alongside some delicious treats and snacks. To help you plan some holiday cheer, I’ve pulled together 25 of the best Christmas movies that any Disney movie fan will LOVE. Get in the Christmas spirit this year with some all-time Christmas classics.

These best Disney Christmas movies are perfect to work your way through right from the start of the Christmas holidays, on Christmas day, and as a way to keep the kids busy during Christmas vacation. From very goofy Christmas movies to the holiday classic golden oldies, there’s bound to be something for the whole family to enjoy.

​So let’s get right to it! Here are some of my favorite festive movie options that you can stream from the Disney channel this Christmas season!

Here are a Few Disney Christmas Movies Your Family Will Love:

  1. Pluto’s Christmas Tree – In this 1952 classic, Mickey and his dog Pluto, cut down the perfect Christmas tree, that is home to two feisty chipmunks, Chip & Dale.
  2. Santa Paws 2 – The Santa Pups – Follows the adventures of Santa’s mischievous puppies as they attempt to save Christmas with their magical abilities.
  3. Babies in Toyland – A classic holiday film that tells the story of a young girl who must rescue her fiancé from the clutches of the evil Barnaby in a fantastical toy-filled world.
  4. The Christmas Star – This movie centers around a young girl who finds a fallen star and embarks on a heartwarming journey to return it to the sky before Christmas.
  5. Good Luck, Charlie! It’s Christmas – A family-friendly TV movie featuring the Duncan family’s comedic misadventures as they travel to Palm Springs for the holidays.
  6. The Santa Claus – A divorced dad accidentally becomes the new Santa Claus and must adapt to his new role while maintaining his relationships with his family.
  7. T’was The Night – A holiday comedy about a family’s attempt to save Christmas after they inadvertently damage Santa’s sleigh.
  8. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – A comedy starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a college student who embarks on a humorous cross-country journey to make it home for Christmas.
  9. The Muppet Christmas Carol – A beloved adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic story with Muppet characters, led by Kermit the Frog, portraying the iconic characters.
  10. Star Wars Christmas Carol – This is not an official film, but a fan-made mashup that combines “Star Wars” and the classic “A Christmas Carol” story.
  11. Santa Clause 2 – Santa must find a Mrs. Claus to fulfill the clause or risk losing his role as Santa, while also dealing with a troublemaking duplicate Santa.
  12. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – A short film featuring characters from “Frozen” as they come together to celebrate their first holiday season.
  13. Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Christmas – An animated sequel to Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” where Belle and the Beast celebrate their first Christmas together.
  14. The Ultimate Christmas Present – Tells the story of two girls who discover a weather machine and accidentally create a massive snowstorm in Los Angeles just before Christmas.
  15. Prep and Landing: Naughty Vs. Nice – An animated special about elite elves who ensure Santa’s successful deliveries, and this time they must deal with a mischievous kid on the naughty list.
  16. Godmothered – Follows a young fairy godmother-in-training as she tries to help a single mother find her own happily ever after in the modern world.
  17. The Nutcracker and The Four Realms – A visually stunning adaptation of the classic ballet, featuring a young girl’s journey into a magical realm.
  18. One Magic Christmas – A heartwarming tale of a mother who rediscovers the true spirit of Christmas with the help of an angel.
  19. Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause –  Santa faces a new challenge when Jack Frost tries to take over Christmas, leading to a battle to save the holiday.
  20. Santa Buddies – Santa Buddies is about a group of puppies that are taken to the North Pole to help Santa Paws remind his son, Puppy Paws that it’s not about what you get but what you give.
  21. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas – This holiday anthology feature includes three stories, which reunite Mickey Mouse with some of his friends like Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck.
  22. Godmothered – A new fairy works to help a young girl whose requests for help were ignored to prove she’s a good fairy.
  23. Mickey’s Christmas Carol – Based on A Christmas Carol, this version features your favorite Disney characters reminding us what the true spirit of Christmas is.
  24. Noelle – A young woman is determined to keep Christmas alive after her father, Santa Claus, can’t make his rounds on Christmas Eve.

No matter which Disney Christmas movie you choose for your special night, you’re bound to have a great time when you’re celebrating with family and friends.

25 disney christmas movies

No matter which Disney Christmas movie you choose for your special night, you’re bound to have a great time and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas when you’re celebrating with family and friends.

To help you decide which movies to watch, I have a Disney Christmas Movie Checklist of 25 of the best holiday movies you’ll want to watch this December. Each one has a ready-to-color Christmas drawing to help keep track of which movies you’ve watched.

Download your Disney Christmas Movies PDF right HERE.

Merry Christmas and happy watching!

Christmas Treats To Enjoy With Christmas Movies

Which holiday movie is your favorite? Is there a Christmas film or special Disney film with your favorite characters that you can recommend? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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