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When Are the Best Times to Go To Disney World?

Are you thinking about planning a trip to visit Disney World? You may be wondering When Are the Best Times to Go To Disney World?

Before you book your trip, you will want to know when it’s the best time of year to visit Disney World. Let’s be honest – most people head to Disney World during the warm summer months when the kids are on vacation. But, is that really the best time to go? Continue reading to find out!

When Are the Best Times to Go To Disney World?

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Avoid the Peak Season

While Disney World is a popular vacation destination during the summer months, not everyone wants to be there when it’s crowded. While Disney World has many fantastic attractions that will leave everyone feeling excited and ready to go on a magical adventure, it’s harder to enjoy the things around you when you get stuck waiting in long lines and dealing with massive crowds.

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When is Peak Season at Disney World?

So, what is the best way to avoid that problem? First, avoid the peak season and visit Disney World during November and December. In some cases, children get time off from school for the holiday season. But, even if they don’t, it’s worth it to let them miss a few days of school if it means making incredible memories with loved ones while in such a fantastic place like Disney World.

Other ‘non-peak’ times are January, February and early March.

Pro Tip: By checking crowd calendars and event calendars, you can typically see when there are large events happening at Disney World. I always recommend to avoid these times, if you can.

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Is It Good to Go to Disney World at Any Point in November or December?

Although November and December are two great months for planning a trip to Disney World, be wise when selecting the dates. It’s in your best interest to check the calendar to see what date the actual holidays fall on for the year. I would avoid the weekends before and after those holidays as well as the actual holidays themselves.

Holidays Are Packed 

Many families have the same idea of traveling to Disney World during the short Thanksgiving break to have some fun in Disney World when it’s not too cold outside. So, if you go during that time, you could still end up running into a lot of crowds. Instead of going during the Thanksgiving break, consider going a week before Thanksgiving or the week after. You can even enjoy spending time at Disney World a week before Christmas!

Less Crowded 

While other people will still head to the area with their loved ones, it’s less likely to be too crowded during this time of year. As a result, you won’t have to stand out in long lines for hours on end when it’s scorching outside. In addition, while the weather is still often lovely at that time of year in the area, you won’t have to deal with crippling heat that can quickly leave you feeling overheated and exhausted!

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Have the Best Time in Disney World by Visiting at the Right Time of Year

You can have fun at Disney World at any time throughout the year. However, if you don’t want to deal with excessive heat, long lines, and massive crowds, your best bet is to book your trip with loved ones during November-early March, while avoiding the major holidays during those months!

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