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12 Places for Outdoor Dining at Disney

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Disney is a wonderful and exciting place, with its impeccable structures and fun outlandish rides, it’s surely a hit for kids and adults alike. But have you ever thought about outdoor dining at Disney? If you haven’t, you might just want to try these few places out!

Cinderellas Castle at Disney World

Outdoor dining might not be your first choice when visiting Disney in the heat of summer, but when it comes to outdoor seating, the waterfront view or ambiance can be well worth grabbing that outdoor table! 

Who doesn’t love some fresh air? Yes, indoor dining is okay too but basking in the open air while looking at the pretty sights is also pretty amazing, isn’t it? Dining outdoors in Disney can be a new experience you can try, and will absolutely enjoy.

Here are twelve delicious places for outdoor dining at Disney World.

Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge offers outdoor seating that gives you full access to the menu at Tiffins. Reserve your dining time before you go and enjoy a great family-fun-filled time day before stopping at the Nomad Lounge to enjoy the beautiful scenery and a mouthwatering meal. Your family will be singing your praises after experiencing this meal!

Tomorrowland Terrace

If you’re looking for a great place to catch an evening firework show, dessert party, or a view of the castle, Tomorrowland Terrace is perfect (when it reopens). Tomorrowland Terrace has a great view of Main Street, USA, and is the best place around to enjoy a quick meal your whole family will love. Your family will appreciate your forethought of finding this gem to eat at!

Riding monorail at Disney World

Ronto Roasters

If you’re looking for some “space meat,” then you will love the atmosphere and food at Ronto Roasters. While you wait for your group to be called for Rising of the Resistance, munch on a Ronto Wrap and enjoy the atmosphere. Head off into the galaxy with this space meat restaurant you don’t want to miss. Enjoy your Ronto morning wrap to kickstart your fun-filled day (if you’re wondering, Rontos are a native beast native to the planet Tatooine)! This is one of Rebecca’s favorite places for breakfast, she LOVED their pork rinds (weird breakfast, I know…but, it’s Disney).

Ronto Rosters outdoor dining at Disney

Spice Road Table

This restaurant has excellent food, including a must-try Spice Road Sampler with a great view of 

the nighttime fireworks if you have a window seat. You must take a tour around the World Showcase Lagoon and stop into the Spice Road Table before you go. Enjoy a bit of the Mediterranean right here in the U.S! Let your kids experience flavors like no other and take in a unique atmosphere that you’re sure to remember!

Tony’s Town Square

Tony’s has a lesser-known outdoor seating option that overlooks the Town Square on the patio. Enjoy food that is perfect for picky eaters and see great views of Main Street. Bring out your inner romantic with the beautiful picturesque decor and atmosphere of Tony’s Town Square, while still being family-friendly you don’t want to miss out on this delicious food! 

Enjoy dinner by the water fountain featuring the two canine stars of Lady and the Trap while taking in the events of the day and unwinding with your family.

Rose & Crown Dining Room

This will be one of the best firework spots to see Harmonious and enjoy a delicious plate of Fish and Chips. This is also an excellent spot for Vegetarian diners to stop by for a quick nighttime meal. Adults can enjoy Disney too, right? This pub is sure to impress you AND take you across the pond all in one shot! 

Get amazing views of the fireworks while also enjoying the British pub atmosphere. Hurry to get your seat while you can!

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

While this place serves typical theme park food, the alien atmosphere is mainly on the inside so that you can enjoy less crowded seating outside. Stop in to order a quick bite to eat in this extraterrestrial cafe while enjoying a show from the Sonny Eclipse! Don’t miss out on this performance for a special treat.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

See beautiful views of Hollywood Studios and dine under elegant seating under an umbrella for a table service menu with the entire Hollywood Brown Derby Menu at your fingertips. Feel at home with the gorgeous wood-paneled walls and homey decor. This traditional restaurant will make you feel like you’re in a completely different location just from the ambiance and style of food.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Galaxy’s Edge is the main quick service location, but the outdoor seating area rarely gets crowded! It’s full of exotic decor and nods to planets and animals from the Star Wars galaxy. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Docking Bay 7 is the main dining option in Star Wars Land. Head out for an extraterrestrial adventure with this out-of-this-world restaurant your whole family will love!

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BaseLine Tap House

This lounge is more like a full-service restaurant, and on a breezy day, the background music and delicious food make for a great spot to take a break outside. Take a break from the California hustle and wind down with wine and cheese out on the terrace or enjoy a pint inside at the full-service bar. 

While this is a fully loaded bar, don’t let that stop you from enjoying their mouthwatering food (don’t miss out!). You have to try the Bavarian pretzel covered in mustard and delicious beer cheese fondue.

Flame Tree Barbeque

With a mobile order option and covered tables, this quick-service option is a no-brainer if you’re in Animal Kingdom. In addition, you’ll get great views of the waterfront view of Expedition Everest, making it one of the few spots in Animal Kingdom with a view. 

Stop in for a refreshing salad and enjoy the views of the Animal Kingdom, plus they have an amazing assortment of smokehouse meats that you need to taste to believe! Top that off with a side of baked beans and coleslaw and you will be the family favorite for the rest of your trip!

Satu’li Canteen

The outdoor seating here can get a bit crowded, but the food is delicious, and Pongu Pongu is the next store for a delightful Night Blossom. In case that wasn’t enough, you can gaze at the entire Pandora part of the park while you eat.

Pineapple Dole Whip at Disney World

Did you know there’s actually a lot of Disney outdoor dining places? If you didn’t, well now you do! How about you try some of these and ditch the indoor seating for a while. Disney’s outdoor patios give the best views and now you can try them too for your next trip.

There are so many delicious places worth dining outside at Disney! These places all make the top of our list every time we go, and hopefully, they will work for you too!

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