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How to Create a Homeschool Area or Workstation in a Small Space on a Budget

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If you’ve decided to homeschool your child, then chances are you are going to be a little overwhelmed with all the things you need to do before your school year can begin. One of those things is setting up a homeschool area for your kids to learn in.

Of course, there are no rules as to what makes a classroom a classroom for homeschoolers, but if you need some homeschool room on budget ideas or some ideas to help you set up your homeschool area without breaking the budget, then I’ve got you covered!


Writing surfaces and seating arrangement

You don’t need to go out and get an ergonomic chair or unique desk for your child. All you do need is a flat surface that your kids can use to write and work on with a comfortable chair. If you are setting up your homeschool workstation in the dining room or already have a table present, you already have something that works with this!

Here’s some of my favorites you’ll want to check out:


Wall space

Homeschooling can take up some wall space. Maximize this space and make a homeschool area work for you by taking down some pictures or making your wall items such as a calendar or whiteboard portable.

Don’t forget the maps, and corkboards!



One of the staples of a homeschool classroom is the whiteboard. You will likely use this for every subject that you teach in your classroom. If your children are visual learners, you will want to ensure that you have an excellent dry erase board that can feature things like your daily schedule, essential sheets, and other items that you can quickly put up when you’re ready to teach. If you’re up for the challenge, you could even make your own whiteboard!


When you are homeschooling, you are going to need to have a lot of storage. You could empty a few drawers in your kitchen for homeschool books and supplies, but I recommend using storage containers that you can easily break out whenever it’s time to do schoolwork. You can likely find a closet or another storage area that you can hold all of your supplies.

Some of my favorite storage containers for homeschool supplies are a bus tub, these Rubbermaid-type containers, and even a hanging file box. The best containers are ones that keep all your books, workbooks, pencils, and whatever videos, games, and such for learning in one place.

A “veteran” homeschool mom once told me to get the largest container I could find and store, as you will always need more resources for any given subject. Just when you think “that’s all I need”, you are sure to find more books, papers, and craft ideas to enhance your child’s learning.


School supplies

Of course, you will need school supplies for your classroom, but you don’t need to have so many school supplies.You’ll be surprised at how little you need to start homeschooling your children. Many curriculum suppliers will have a list of what you will actually need.

However, here are some of my favorites that we like to keep on hand, no matter what curriculum you choose. If you watch sales, you can stock up fairly cheaply on these items.

  • crayons
  • glue or glue sticks
  • paper
  • water based paints
  • pencils
  • pens
  • old oversized T-shirt or art smock
  • erasers
  • computer paper (for random drawing and painting)
  • construction paper
  • kid safe scissors

also check out this post here on educational youtube videos to watch


Now that you have the supplies you need to set up your room, it’s time to get it ready! Depending on what you have in your home already, setting up a homeschool classroom on a budget can be easy. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled at garage sales, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to find even more deals for your homeschool space.

And don’t worry, mama. We are here to support you on this journey!

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