5 Surprise disney trip reveal ideas

5 Surprise Disney Trip Reveal Ideas

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The upcoming Disney family vacation that you’ve been hiding from your children is bound to be a magical memory that they never forget. But if you’re struggling on finding a fun way to tell them about where they’re going, that’s alright. You’ve come to the right place. There are dozens of Disney trip reveal ideas that other parents have already done with their children that you can do too! Be sure to check out these 5 surprise Disney trip reveal ideas that will more than excite your kiddos. 

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1. Scavenger Hunt 

Creating a scavenger hunt for your kids is a super fun way to reveal where you plan on taking them. Come up with several clues that you can hide all throughout your home and have them work as a team. It’s such a fun game that your children will get wrapped up in it, not even realizing what awesome prize is waiting for them at the end. Their reaction will be priceless! 

2. Disney Shirts Reveal 

Another popular method that parents use to tell their children that they’re headed to Disney is with a Disney shirt reveal. Present them with a shirt that has their favorite Disney character on it, along with their name and the year of your visit. Then make sure that you all wear them when you get there. 

3. Wait Until the Last Minute 

You can surprise your children by waiting until the last minute to tell them about where they’re going. Wait until you pull into the airport before you spill the beans. This also means that you’ll have to pack their luggage and load it in your vehicle without them realizing what you’re doing, but the payoff of your carefully-planned secrecy will be well worth it.

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4. Present them With Their Magic Bands 

If Christmas or a family member’s birthday is just around the corner, you could always have them open their magic bands as a gift. Disney usually ships these about a month before the date of your trip. It’s also up to you whether you decide to add things like chocolates, Mickey ears, or other Disney goodies with them. Just be sure that you’re the one that hangs on to them so that one of them doesn’t come up missing the morning of your departure. 

5. Play a Trick on Them 

Parents like to have fun too! One fun way to build their anticipation and excitement is to play a trick on them while mom and dad are able to get a good laugh. Have your kids sit down on the sofa and present them with a very big box as a gift. Once they open it, they’ll discover yet another box, and so on. It’s totally up to you as a parent how many rounds of torture (boxes) you put them through. After they’ve opened the very last box, they’ll read a note in big letters that says they’re going to Disney World!

Your family trip to Disney World will certainly be a magical experience to remember, but how you reveal your vacation to your kids can also be a special moment. These are 5 fantastic Disney trip reveal ideas that you can try with your family. And to capture the moment along with their priceless reactions, don’t forget to record it on your phone.

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