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Walt Disney World 50th Golden Statues

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Get excited for a special time spent at Walt Disney World while checking out some of their incredible new 50th anniversary statues. Use this printable as your checklist to find some of the latest statues while exploring the amusement park.

Walt Disney World’s 50th Golden Statues

Experience the New Statues Firsthand

It’s an exciting time to have plans to visit Walt Disney World with the family. In honor of Disney World’s 50th anniversary, the amusement park has recently released its latest 50th anniversary statues that are worth seeing in person. Sure, you can check out pictures online, but the pictures won’t do you justice. There is nothing quite like being there in person to experience the statues firsthand. If you’re ready to see more than one incredible Walt Disney Statue, use this checklist to your advantage to give you an idea of all the new things you’ll get to see throughout your visit.

Grab the FREE printable checklist HERE!

Celebrate the Disney Fab 50

Get ready to celebrate the Disney Fab 50 with this personal checklist consisting of all the characters and their newly released statues. If you’re wondering why you might need to have this list with you, it’s to use as a reminder of which spots you can find these new golden statutes.

Magic Kingdom

You can expect to find most of the incredible 50th anniversary golden statues in Magic Kingdom. Some of the latest statues include Chip & Dale, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, Pooh & Piglet, and more. If these are some of your favorite Disney characters, make sure that you’re heading over to Magic Kingdom to check them out. Don’t forget your camera. You’ll want to take tons of pictures with these stunning statues.


If you’re planning to head over to Epcot, you’re in luck because there are a few of the golden statues available there, too. Some of the statues you can find in Epcot include Olaf & Bruni, Rocket & Baby Groot, Dante, Figment, and more! If these are some of your favorite characters and you’re already planning to visit Epcot, you’ll be glad to see some of these amazing statues in person, where you can capture pictures, too.

Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

Don’t forget about paying a visit to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, both of which also have multiple statues available for you to see, including Frozone, R2-D2, Wood & Bo Peep, Nemo & Dory, Simba, and so much more.

Make Memories While Visiting Walt Disney World and Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

Get ready to have the time of your life during your next visit to Walt Disney World, where you can celebrate the 50th anniversary while making memories with your loved ones. Be sure to visit the different parks and check out the many new golden statues that are sure to leave you in awe. These impressive statues look amazing and are sure to put a smile on your face! Don’t forget to bring the printable list with you on your vacation to keep track of all the statues you’ve gotten a chance to see in person.

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