Easy 7-Ingredient Or Less Cookie Recipes
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50 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes with 7 Ingredients or Less

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Who doesn’t love an easy festive cookie recipe? They are even better when they only use a few ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry. Whether you are making a tray full of homemade cookies for family and friends this holiday season or you simply want a recipe for easy cookies that you can make with your kids, we have you covered.

Below are 50 easy Christmas cookie recipes with just a few ingredients.

Easy Christmas Cookies with 7 Ingredients or Less

I love to bake cookies during the holidays. There is something about snacking on cookies that have just come out of the oven and a cold glass of milk that is so comforting. Get in the holiday spirit and try out these sweet treat easy recipes!

Looking to bring holiday cheer to your next cookie exchange party or holiday party? Serve these cookies on a Christmas tree cookie tray and top them with red and green sprinkles!

If you are looking for the best 7 ingredients or less festive cookie recipes this is the list for you. These easy holiday treat recipes are delicious with flavors like brown sugar, peanut butter chocolate chip, red velvet, and even Crumbl copycats! I dare you to find one you don’t absolutely adore. 

What Cookie Scoop Size Should I Use When Baking Cookies?

I always struggle with this to be honest. I’m never sure what size scoop to use when I’m baking cookies. Don’t worry though! My new cookie scoop cheat sheet is here to help you! Download yours below (it’s free) and you’ll never wonder what scoop size to use for cookies again!

Shortbread Cookies 

  1. Brown Sugar Shortbread

Bake up some easy brown sugar shortbread cookies for a tasty, buttery, crisp, and crumbly treat. You will need measuring cups and spoons or a digital kitchen scale along with a few other items. Only 7 ingredients are necessary: sugar, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, and flour. 

close up of brown sugar shortbread cookies
  1. Lemon Poppyseed Shortbread

Lemon poppy seed shortbread has a subtle lemon flavor and delicate texture. They take 15 minutes to prep and 26 minutes to bake. You will need 6 easy ingredients, a baking sheet, parchment paper, a mixing bowl, a whisk, a mixer, and a ceramic stamp.

lemon poppyseed shortbread cookies on serving tray
  1. Vegan Shortbread Cookies 

These vegan shortbread cookies only need 3 ingredients plus they are gluten-free! They take 35 minutes to bake and yield 16 portions. Ingredients include 2 Cups Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour (or Baking Flour), 1 Cup (2 Sticks) Vegan/Allergy-Free Butter (I use MELT), ½ (to ¾) Cup Erythritol (or preferred granulated sweetener), and 1 Tsp Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract (optional)!

vegan shortbread cookies on white tray
  1. Swirled Shortbread 

This recipe for swirled shortbread is absolutely scrumptious and yields 40 portions. They take 15 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to bake with simple ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. Make sure that you whip the butter and sugar in a large bowl for five minutes until it’s light and fluffy. 

stack of swirled shortbread cookies
  1. Whipped Shortbread Cookies 

This 7 ingredients or less cookie recipe results in fluffy mouthwatering morsels! All you need is room temperature softened butter, confectioners sugar, flour, and cornstarch. The corn starch is added to make sure they are extra light and puffy. Add a little sprinkles at the end as well for that extra touch.

close up of whipped shortbread cookies with red and green sprinkles
  1. Biscoff Shortbread 

I love Biscoff themed desserts like these shortbreads that only require 4 ingredients! You will need unsalted butter, lotus Biscoff spread, brown sugar, corn starch, and flour. Make sure that the butter is softened to room temperature which takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on the weather.

stack of biscoff shortbread cookies with glass of milk in background
  1. Slice & Bake Shortbread

Simple slice and bake shortbread cookies with 4 ingredients only. They are soft and chewy and only need 20 minutes to prep. You will need salted butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and flour.

round shortbread cookies
  1. Cardamom Shortbread 

Cardamom shortbread uses powdered sugar instead of granular because it has cornstarch in it. So if you’re looking for cookies that are more soft and tender and less crispy crunchy this is the recipe for you. Don’t forget to cream the butter before anything else while making the dough. 

square cardamom shortbread cookies on white plate with orange topping

No Bake Cookie Recipes 

  1. No Bake Chocolate Cookies 

Don’t you just adore no-bake chocolate treats like these easy cookies with less than 7 ingredients? They are ready in 20 minutes plus with dark chocolate, tahini, and oats. Simply chop up your chocolate into chunks before melting it in a stove pot or the microwave.

stack of no bake chocolate cookies
  1. No Bake Pumpkin Spice 

This easy recipe for pumpkin spice cookies makes 36 portions in less than 20 minutes. All you need is pumpkin purée, brown sugar, butter, sea salt caramel baking chips, pumpkin pie spice, and quick oats. Once you’re done making them, just refrigerate for about 20 to 30 minutes.

close up of stack of no bake pumpkin spice cookies
  1. Cornflake Peanut Butter Cookies 

Cornflakes and peanut butter what could be better? No need to turn on the oven on a hot day just whip up these no-bake treats for a chewy crunchy dessert recipe that the kids will love to snack on. 

close up of cornflake cookies covered in peanut butter
  1. No Bake Potato Chip Cookies 

I promise you once you have a bite of these potato chip cookies they will instantly become your go to comfort snack. Make a big batch and use them for things like after school snacks, to go lunch packs, and even a midnight snack for Mom!

chocolate potato chip cookies on brown parchment paper
  1. No Bake Oatmeal Cocoa

Oats and cocoa are the perfect combination for a no bake cookie recipe with 7 ingredients or less! Prep and set them in 15 minutes and wait one hour for them to rest and then Bam! You will need brown sugar, unsalted butter, milk, creamy peanut butter, vanilla extract, salt, and old-fashioned rolled oats.

close up of center of no bake payment cocoa cookies
  1. No Bake Classics 

Classic chocolate peanut butter cookies take 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes total, resulting in 26 portions that you will adore. Equipment needed include a dough scoop, a sheet pan, and parchment paper. You will also need sugar, milk, cocoa powder, butter, creamy peanut butter, vanilla, and oats.

chocolate no bake cookies on white parchment paper
  1. Chocolate Protein Cookies 

If you are looking for a cookie recipe that’s extremely nutritious try these chocolate protein treats. You will need pitted dates, almond butter, banana, quick oats, chia seeds, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract! Make sure that all your dates are pitted properly before adding them to a blender or food processor.

close up of chocolate protein cookies on blue tray

Peanut Butter Cookies 

  1. Old Fashioned Peanut Butter

Old-fashioned peanut butter cookies are an easy recipe that’s also gluten-free and vegan. It is also sugar free, grain free, quick, and easy. In just eight minutes you can have a nutritious treat made of peanut butter, peanut flour, and erythritol or Monk fruit.

golden peanut butter cookies with fork cross imprint on top
  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies 

If you are a chocolate and peanut butter lover then make a big batch of these seven or less ingredient cookies. You can whip them up so fast, and they certainly will not disappoint. All you need is sugar, peanut butter, eggs, vanilla, and one bag of Reese’s Baking Mix. 

3 Reeses peanut butter cup cookies on white serving tray with spatula
  1. Almond Flour Peanut Butter

Delicious almond flour peanut butter cookies are gluten-free and super soft. They are ready in under 20 minutes and result in 24 portions. They are cost-effective at about 8 dollars per batch. You will need two sheet pans and oven safe parchment paper.

overhead view of a stack of almond flour peanut butter cookies in white serving bowl
  1. Air Fryer Peanut Butter

Break out your air fryer while chilling your peanut butter cookie dough! As a matter of fact you can even freeze the dough and add it directly to your fryer basket. Small sized frozen cookie balls will take 10 to 15 minutes to cook at 325°F.

close up of air fried peanut butter cookies with crossed fork imprint
  1. Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal 

Peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies are healthy and delicious with less than 7 ingredients. They are ready in under 20 minutes with ingredients like ripe bananas, peanut butter, rolled oats, sea salt, and chocolate chips!

overhead view of peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies with melted chocolate chips
  1. No Flour Peanut Butter

No flour? No problem! With only 3 ingredients you can have soft delicious peanut butter cookies and only 15 minutes. If you love a fudge-like gooey treat that is gluten and dairy free this is the one for you.

soft peanut butter cookies
  1. Peanut Butter Blossoms 

Peanut butter blossoms are scrumptious and lovely. The author notes that it’s important not to over bake them because they could turn to dry and crumble. Plus you can replace the Hershey’s kiss with Rolos, peanut butter cups or even Dove chocolates.

peanut butter blossom cookies on wooden serving tray
  1. Peanut Butter S’mores Cookies 

Have you ever tried the combination of peanut butter and marshmallow s’mores? It’s absolutely mouthwatering and this recipe won’t disappoint. You definitely want to use a creamy peanut butter, a little bit of sugar, an egg, and melted marshmallows. Oh don’t forget some chocolate chips too!

peanut butter cookies with marshmallow and chocolate chip topping
  1. Oat Flour Peanut Butter

Oat flour is perfect for making these easy no-bake peanut butter cookies with just three ingredients. No special equipment is needed and you get a refined sugar free, eggless, dairy free, and easily customizable treat.

stack of perfectly circular peanut butter cookies with melted peanut butter dripping down

Chocolate Cookies With 7 Ingredients Or Less 

  1. Caramel Brookies 

This easy recipe for caramel brownie cookies is great for a crowd or a simple afterschool snack for kids. Just grab your favorite 18 ounce package of brownie mix from the grocery store. You will also need some flour, eggs, oil, water, and caramel bits!

overhead view of caramel brookies
  1. Dark Chocolate Raspberry 

I adore little truffle bite-size cookies like this easy recipe with dark chocolate and raspberry. They are easily customizable too. You can add extra chocolate, coconut shreds, nuts like pecans or walnuts, the ideas are endless. 

truffle shaped dark chocolate cookies with powder and raspberries on top in white bowl
  1. Chocolate Oat Cookies 

Oat cookies with chocolate are fun and simple. They take five minutes to prep, 10 minutes to cook, and need an hour to rest. With simple ingredients like unsalted butter, sugar, cocoa powder, milk, tahini, and rolled oats you get 15 nutritious portions.

stack of chocolate oat cookies
  1. Chocolate Chip Banana Oats 

These 3 ingredient banana oatmeal cookies are so tasty and healthy! Have them for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert any day of the week. You will need 1 ½ cups mashed banana (about 2 large bananas), 1 ½ cups old fashioned rolled oats, and ⅓ cup chocolate chips. 

banana oat cookies with melted chocolate chips
  1. Flourless Fudge Cookies 

Flourless fudge cookies have a unique meringue-like edge quality with veggie tender centers. It helps to mix the dough by hand after whipping the eggs. You can also swap out the vanilla extract for something festive during the holidays like peppermint.

close up of stack of fudge cookies with one split in half
  1. Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers 

Chocolate covered graham crackers could not be an easier 7 ingredient or less cookie recipe idea. All you need are graham crackers and semi sweet chocolate chips or melting chocolate. Plus a little coconut oil to loosen up the chocolate if necessary. You can always add little sprinkles or dried fruit if you please. 

overhead view of chocolate covered graham crackers with white chocolate design
  1. Fudge Cookies 

Gather up some simple ingredients like dry brownie box mix, eggs, flour, vegetable oil, water, vanilla extract, and mini chocolate chips. Although the author recommends not using Betty Crocker brownie mix because it doesn’t have baking soda in it which is not helpful for making cookies.

close up of fudge cookies with melted chocolate chips
  1. Mint Chocolate Cake Mix 

Mint chocolate box cake mix cookies are the easiest recipe with only 4 ingredients plus 1 ingredient frosting. They take five minutes to prep and 18 minutes to cook. You will need devil’s food cake mix in the box, two eggs, vegetable oil, peppermint extract, and 24 Andes mints. 

chocolate cookies with melted chocolate icing
  1. Chocolate Cake Mix M&Ms

Tender and thick chocolate cookies packed with M&Ms. you will need one box of chocolate cake mix, two eggs, half cup vegetable oil, and one cup of M&Ms Or any candy of your choice. Don’t forget to grease your hands while rolling the cookie dough.

close up of chocolate cookies with red and green Christmas m&ms
  1. Chocolate White Chocolate Chip 

I adore the combination of chocolate and white chocolate like these easy cookies with 7 ingredients or less. They will take 30 minutes for you to prep and 20 minutes to cook. It’s the perfect dessert idea for a party or a brunch.

plate of chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips

Super Creative Cookie Ideas

  1. Pink Velvet Crumbl Copycats 

I just adore soft and thick Crumbl cookie copycats like these pink velvet with animal cookie chunks. This recipe uses shortening instead of oil or butter to keep the end result thick and prevent spreading. You will need two large sheet pans, parchment paper, a spatula, plastic wrap, and a medium ice cream scoop.

pink animal cracker crumbl cookie copycat with crushed frosted animal cracker
  1. Forgotten Cookies 

Forgotten cookies are an easy dessert idea that uses egg whites and sugar as main ingredients. Make sure the eggs are at room temperature when you start preparing the dough. Add in some white chocolate or mint chocolate chips for an extra kick.

stack of white cookies on wooden serving bowl with one broken open
  1. Melting Moments 

Fluffy melt in your mouth cookies that are lovely for any time of year. It’s fun to add a bit of sprinkles to the tops before you cook. Bake them for 12 minutes and cook for 10. 

melted moment cookies on white plate with sauce on side
  1. Lemon Lavenders 

Lemon lavender shortbread cookies are lovely for any time of year, plus you can slice and bake or use cookie cutters. They do need a short chill in the refrigerator to make it easier to roll out the dough. You can also put various add-ins like toasted pecans, pretty food coloring, or even poppyseeds.

circular lemon lavender cookies with lavender springs on the side
  1. Pie Crust Cookies 

Grab some leftover pie crust, cinnamon, sugar, Nutella or other filling and bake up this cookie recipe with less than 7 ingredients. You can use any cookie cutter shape that you want meaning they are perfect for any occasion. If you do not have leftover pie crust at home just go grab some from your local market. 

pie crust cookies in shape of cinnamon roll on white and black serving plate
  1. Anise Pizzelles 

Pizzelles are an Italian waffle style cookie that is made on an iron press. I’m sure you could certainly use a waffle cone press as well. All you need is flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs, butter, and anise extract. 

tall stack of anise pizzelles
  1. Red Velvet Cookies

4 ingredient red velvet cookies with box cake mix are absolutely scrumptious. With easy pantry items you can have an amazing dessert for a special occasion or just a regular weekday. Just grab some red velvet box cake mix, chocolate chips, oil or butter, and eggs. 

close up of red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips
  1. Cool Whip Cookies  

Cool whip cookies are heavenly with minimal ingredients like box cake mix and Cool Whip! Make sure you use the full fat full sugar Cool Whip otherwise your cookies will not turn out properly. Other ingredients needed include eggs and powdered sugar.

cool whip cookies with lemon on side
  1. Slice & Bake Sugar Cookies 

You can’t go wrong with an easy slice and bake sugar cookie recipe with less than 7 ingredients. Baked to perfection with crisp edges and a golden brown color, these cookies will put a smile on anyone’s face. All you need is a stick of salted butter, granulated sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract, flour, baking soda, and optional sprinkles. 

slice and bake sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles
  1. Ouzo & Lemon Biscuits 

Ouzo lemon biscuits are perfect for the citrus lover. All you need is 6 ingredients and 15 minutes of time. So grab up some oil, sugar, lemon juice, lemon sauce, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, baking soda, and get ready to bake!

stack of ouzo and lemon biscuits with lemon in background

Box Cake Mix Cookies With Less Ingredients 

  1. Apple Pie Cookies 

A decadent yet simple apple pie cookie smothered in apple pie filling and caramel sauce is just what you need for fall or winter. Gather up some white box cake mix, shortening, eggs, cinnamon, brown sugar, apple pie filling in the canned, and Hershey’s caramel sauce! 

stack of apple pie cookies on cooling rack with caramel running down on them
  1. Vanilla Crinkles 

Vanilla crinkle cookies are scrumptious with powdered sugar topping. This easy dessert is lovely for a holiday dessert platter or just an average Wednesday. No one can resist the combination of vanilla and golden brown cookie. 

vanilla crinkle cookies on cooking rack
  1. Cake Mix Cookies 

I can’t get enough cake box mix treats like this simple and versatile vanilla dessert recipe. Picked up in 11 minutes with just 4 ingredients you will have the base for any add-ons. Try anything from chocolate chips to sprinkles and anything in between. 

white plate of cake mix cookies with pastel m&ms
  1. Funfetti Cookies

These funfetti cake mix cookies are covered in sprinkles and are always popular with kids of all ages. I don’t know any adults who would turn them away either! You will need 1 18.25 ounce box white cake mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 3/4 cup sprinkles. 

confetti cookies covered in rainbow sprinkles on white plate
  1. Sprinkle Cake Mix 

These super soft sprinkle cake mix cookies are just the recipe you need when you want a grab and go dessert or treat. Especially one with less minimal ingredients that tastes amazing too. So grab your favorite rainbow sprinkles and get ready to bake!

rainbow sprinkle cake mix cookies on white plate
  1. Strawberry Cake Mix 

I love strawberry flavored desserts like this easy cookie recipe that is fluffy and soft. Bursting with strawberry flavor you won’t be able to stop munching on them! They are delightful for events like a baby shower or Valentine’s Day brunch! 

stack of strawberry cake mix cookies with pink icing on top

What should I do with leftover cookies?

I recommend storing any leftover cookies in an airtight container for up to about 3 days. The best part about these delicious recipes is that it is very rare to have leftovers! Another idea is if you end up baking too many, give them to friends and family for a delicious edible gift! Teachers would also love these simple ingredient Christmas cookies!

What are the 4 main ingredients for baked cookies?

Your basic recipe includes four basic ingredients: a fat (oil), a binding agent (eggs), sugar, and flour. Of course there are thousands of substitutions and variations you can try like replacing sugar with stevia or flour with oatmeal. The ideas are endless. 

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Baking has never been more easy or fun than with these 7 ingredient-easy cookie recipes. I especially love the box cake mix ones because you don’t have to deal with sifting the flour or adding baking powder or soda etc. if you try any of these cookies let us know in the comments what you thought!

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