Disney 2022 Wall Calendar

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Part of the fun of a new year is starting a new calendar. And 2022 is no exception! This year, organize your life with a calendar that features your favorite Disney mouse couple, Mickey & Minnie! Print out a copy of this 12 page 2022 wall calendar and enjoy a year full of designs that make you smile.

2022 disney wall calendar

2022 Wall Calendar

This colorful calendar not only has the always adorable Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse of the pages but the backgrounds are too cute for words! Let’s take a look at what you get in this printable Disney calendar

Starting off, the January 2022 calendar printable starts off with a fun yellow polka dot print and a cheerful Mickey. The April 2022 calendar has thin yellow and white stripes that coordinate with the black and red accents. 

The July 2022 calendar is perfect with its cutesy red and white striped background making for a very Minnie themed page. But August 2022 has to be my favorite with the yellow and red checkerboard Mickey head pattern.

Next up is the October 2022 Disney calendar page which offers a soft polka dot design in red and white. The pages are sure to make your year!

Print out the pages in different sizes for your needs. The pdf comes ready to print as a 11×17 2022 wall calendar, but you can also shrink the pages down to make a magical 2022 pocket calendar!

Print out your calendar HERE!

Get Organized in 2022

For best use, place yours on a prominent wall where everyone can see it and what’s on the schedule for the family each day. Keep track of all your important dates, appointments, school activities, and anything you need to remember.

Here’s a simple trick for getting the most out of your calendar: write each family member’s schedule in a designated colored pen so it’s easy to keep everyone’s plans straight.

You’ll never forget another dentist appointment or anniversary again!

There are no holidays or dates pre-listed in this file, but you could easily add them with a colored pen so they stand out.

Other Ways to Use Your Printable Calendar

  • A fun way to use your Disney wall calendar is for homeschool lessons. Print out a month for each child and fill in the assignments for each week.
  • Use it as a chore chart with a daily chore for each family member. Fill in all the chores with different colored pens so the kids know what they are supposed to be doing on any given day.
  • The calendar can also be used to record your daily weight loss progress by noting your weight, whether you’ve hit your goal or stayed within your calorie range. It’s an easy way to stay motivated and keep track of your diet.

The possibilities are endless with a Disney 2022 wall calendar! If you have a big family, why not print out multiple pages and create a unique calendar for each member so the whole family can keep track of their schedules? Print as many as you need.

Print out your calendar HERE!

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