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Transportation ABC Printables

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Teach your child their ABC’s and make it fun at the same time with these printables!

As a new homeschooler myself, I often turn to veterans for advice to better educate my children. One of my favorite pieces of advice I have ever gotten was “Teach them to love to learn and you will be successful at any subject”. Wise words, for sure.

Teaching young children to read and write can leave many parents in tears of frustration. Young minds, still developing fine motor skills, and the agony for some kids of filling out worksheets can all lead to walls in this area. But, what if you make it more fun?

This set of printables is just what you need to make reading and writing more fun, exciting, and coax even the most reluctant learner to achieve success. Print off a daily sheet, practice the letter of the day, and have fun learning to read and write.

coloring sheets for learning the alphabet

Each letter of the day focuses on a different type of transportation that kids will see all around them. From Airplane, to Garbage truck, to Steam train. You could easily use this as a unit study, and watch Thomas the Tank Engine, or Learn Transport Vehicles on Youtube.

Other ways to teach ABC’s

  • Make letter shapes with playdough following the shapes in the printables.
  • Set a tray of sand or salt on the floor, and allow your child to draw the letters with their fingers
  • Eat foods that begin with the letter of the day- Pizza, pickles, poptarts for example.

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Click here to download your ABC Transportation Pack and get started today!

printables for learning abcs