Count and Color Fish Coloring Pages Learn to Count to 10

Count and Color Fish Coloring Pages

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Count and color fish coloring pages are the perfect preschool activity! They’re a great activity that helps teach your kids to learn to count to 10 while they color. Print a set and keep your preschooler entertained and learning.

It’s so hard for me to believe that Levi is already THREE! Now that he’s getting older, we are working on the fundamentals of preschool.

Since we plan to homeschool, it’s a great time for us to all get into a routine of daily “school” time, while teaching him the basics such as his letters and numbers. We have recently been working on counting, which he loves.

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Ways to Kids Can Learn to Count 1 to 10

There are  many different ways that kids learn to count 1 to 10 and beyond. Some kids might learn best by singing a song, others by counting out loud, and others through play or physical activity.

Here are some fun ideas on how to help your child learn to count:

  • Have them count items around the house such as toys, clothes, or even food.
  • Play games like a matching game with a number on one card and the amount of items on a second card
  • Count and color with fish coloring pages printable
  • Work together to build towers with cubes. Then have your child count them as you knock them down!
  • Make counting fun by calling it a game. Have your child guess how many you are holding up fingers or how many toys are in the bucket before dumping them out!
  • When your child is ready, introduce number flashcards and have them practice counting them. They can also match numbers with numerals.

How to Print Count and Color Fish Coloring Pages

To print the color pages, click on the image of the color page you would like to print. It will open in a new window and you can either print directly from this window or choose to save it for later.

If you are printing multiple fish coloring pages, check each one before printing to ensure that they are all selected.

There are so many fun activities that you can do that promote learning AND fun at the same time. Printable pages like these are one of our favorites! I’m excited to share this free printable fish coloring pages printable PDF pack with you today.

To grab yours and help your kiddo learn to count to 10, just click on the image below, enter your email and you’ll receive your pack in email within minutes!

count and color fish coloring pages downloadable free printable

Count and Color Fish Coloring Pages: Learn to Count to 10

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