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10 Must Haves for Taking Baby to the Beach

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Heading to the beach with your baby? This post is a MUST read for you! I’m a mom to two and have taken them to the beach multiple times. This list this carefully curated so that you don’t overpack but you have the essentials… 10 Things that you MUST have when taking your baby to the beach!

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When you are ready to take your little ones to the beach, here are the top 10 must haves to protect them from sunburn and have the most fun possible!

Tent for Shade

We have this exact beach tent for our little one. We used this tent for both of our babies and it worked perfectly! This one even includes a little area that you can fill with water to keep baby cool on those hot summer days! It’s great for allowing them to enjoy the beach but without having to drag a huge tent to set up, especially if you’re by yourself.


Sunscreen, of course. There are many brands out there. Talk with your pediatrician first to see what they recommend, but make sure you slather your little one in sunscreen (even under any UPF clothing, etc.)

Bottle Cooler

We took a small bottle cooler inside of our larger cooler, which will keep milk and baby snacks cool the entire day. If your little one is old enough for water or juice, this will also help to keep their drinks extra cool. Make sure to take plenty of liquids for your little one and offer them frequently.

Sheet or Blanket

We used a sheet on the sand under our little one’s tent. This one is waterproof which is nice and makes clean up/the trip home much easier! This prevented sand from getting inside of the tent and was a great place to change diapers, etc. 

Plastic Bags

Plastic storage bags are a must for any beach trip, but especially with baby. I took several of these. One for my valuables (phone, money, keys, etc.), one for dirty diapers and another to put any wet outfits, etc. in.

Portable Fan

A portable fan is a must when taking baby to the beach. They overheat a lot quicker than we do. In addition to frequent inside breaks, a portable fan will help keep your little one cool.

Baby Beach Hat

Not only are baby beach hats the most adorable thing on the planet, they make ones that have UPF protection which are great at protecting baby’s face from the sun. If your little one doesn’t like wearing a hat in the tent, that’s ok but be sure to put it on them when you take them out into the sun (they’ll be having so much fun they’ll forget they’re wearing it!).

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Beach Umbrella

While the ‘baby tent’ is great at protecting the baby from the sun, we also used a beach umbrella. This provided shade for the adults, and additional shade for our little one. 

Freezable Teethers/Toys

Freezable teethers are a must! Even if your little one isn’t teething, these are great to freeze, throw in the cooler and offer to baby to hold or play with. They are fun and help to cool your little one down on a hot day. 

UPF Swimwear

Swimwear is of course a ‘given’ for taking your little one to the beach. However, there are two things I look for when selecting swimwear: does it have a UPF/SPF protectant and is it easy to change their diaper?


You may be wondering how you will haul all of these things back and forth to the beach. A collapsible beach cart isn’t a must have when going to the beach with a baby, but it certainly makes the trip much easier!

What are your favorite must haves for taking baby to the beach?

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