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How To Find The Best Sunscreen For Your Family

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Choosing the best sunscreen for your family is a must have, no matter what time of year! I’m here to help you sort through all of the information! 

We are outside a lot during the Spring and Summer. There are parks to play at, beaches to swim at, and zoos to visit. I wouldn’t have it any other way, to be honest. All that time in the sun is great for keeping us healthy, happy, and enjoying the fresh air. However, I do want to protect my children’s delicate skin from burning. I also want to keep all the adults safe from overexposure and possible skin cancer.

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If you have ever been down the sunscreen aisle in any store, then you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many different brands, SPFs, and even moisturizers with sunscreen built in! Finding the best sunscreen for your kids is no easy undertaking, which is why I put together this guide! This guide will help you identify the best sunscreen for your kids so you don’t get overwhelmed staring at all your choices!

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Understanding SPF and How Much You Need

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and simply means the measurement of sunscreen protection from UVB rays that cause sunburn and can contribute to skin cancer. It does not measure how well a sunscreen will protect you from any other rays. How much sunscreen you will need and which SPF is based on how easily you burn, and the type of activity you will be doing. If you will be in the water, you may need to apply more often than if you are just playing outside. Read the label of your sunscreen bottle for information about how much to use and how often to reapply your sunscreen in different conditions.

Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Sunscreens

You already know that sunscreens that have SPF will protect your children from UVB rays that cause sunburn. However, this doesn’t mean they will protect from UVA rays which can cause aging of the skin and even wrinkles. When looking for a sunscreen, you want to choose one that is either a broad spectrum or full spectrum. These types of sunscreens will block UVA rays as well.

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What is the Best Sunscreen for your Kids

How you apply your sunscreen is just as important as the sunscreen that you buy. You want to look for a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 or higher and that has broad-spectrum protection. If your children will burn easily or won’t have as much time to reapply, then an SPF that’s higher will be better for them. After you get into the 50 SPF range, it won’t make a difference so stick with 50 or below.

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Tips for Using Sunscreen

There are a lot of factors that can cause us to get a sunburn, to avoid these situations, here are some tips that can help!

  • Consider the time of day: The sun will be the highest between 10am-4pm, the rays will be the strongest during these times of the day.
  • Use other methods to keep skin protected from the sun: Sunscreen isn’t the only way to stay protected from the sun. Hats, sunglasses, and even clothes can help protect you from the sun’s rays.
  • How often to apply: You should apply sunscreen about 15 minutes before entering the sunlight and reapply every two hours for maximum effectiveness. If you will be in the water, you should apply every 40 minutes.

Some of Our Favorite Sunscreens

No matter what kind of sunscreen you need, I hope this post has made it easier to pick the right choice for your family!


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