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STEM Activities That Are Low Prep

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Sometimes, you just need to put your classroom on easy mode. When you’re having a rough day, or the kids got up late, or you’re just trying to get through the day, having some low prep activities on hand can be really helpful.

books and apple in front of chalkboard

What are STEM activities?

STEM stands for sciencetechnologyengineering, and math. STEM curriculum blends those subjects in order to teach “21st-century skills,” or tools students need to have if they wish to succeed in the workplace of the “future.”

I feel like a lot of careers are really headed toward those STEM skills, AND the kids also love stem activities. I have found that STEM activities are very educational. They also occupy the kids, and can even calm them down as they are working with their hands.

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There will be times when you just need to throw together a fast activity, or you want to have something easy that your kids could potentially set up themselves. For those times, you can’t go wrong with a low prep STEM activities. From science to engineering, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

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How do I use STEM activities in my homeschool?

Any STEM activity can be used as part of your lesson plans. Use them for any unit study to get a hands on approach to learning. Supplement field trips to any science museum and continue the learning at home.

For example, when learning about the solar system, take a trip to your local planetarium, or even outside in the backyard. Read lots of books on stars, planets, and the solar system in general. Round it all out with the solar system board game for a complete unit study.

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Here are 20 low prep STEM activities that you can add to your educational resources for both homeschool students and traditional school settings.

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  1. Grow a Valentine Heart
  2. Pattern Block Math Activity
  3. Low Prep Rounding Activity
  4. 2D Shape Painting Activity
  5. Building with Straws Challenge
  6. Easy Shape Pattern Activity
  7. Refraction Water Play Activity
  8. Backyard Coding Game
  9. Solar System Board Game
  10. Milk Surface Tension Experiment
  11. No Cook Chocolate Playdough
  12. Red Cup STEM Challenge
  13. Air Resistance STEM Activity
  14. Liquid Density Science Experiment
  15. Monster STEM Challenge
  16. Geometric Shape Play
  17. Circuit Bugs
  18. Kaboom Bags
  19. Catapult STEM Project
  20. Balance Scale Weight Activity

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