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Moana I Spy Printable

Make way, make way for a fun way to entertain your kids with this Moana I Spy printable. If you have a Moana fan in your house, they’ll love this colorful Moana game! It’s a great activity to do alone or together with a little creativity.

moana i spy printable game

Disney Pixar’s Moana

Has been popular among Disney fans. The Lin Manuel Miranda songs and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Maui are just part of the attraction. Moana’s quest to restore the heart of TeFiti with her adorable sidekick, Pua, have captured the hearts of audiences.

Disney’s Moana is a young woman who sets sail to find a mythical island in ancient Oceania with help from Maui, an over-sized demigod. Her journey takes her across the sea where she explores new adventures and finally, helps save her island by discovering that only she can save her home.

Moana isn’t just for kids, though! Any Disney fan will enjoy the movie and may want to go on their own adventures with Pua and Maui. You can join in on the fun with this Moana I Spy printable activity. Your kids will be so excited when you tell them you have a Moana I Spy printable to play.

Moana I Spy Printable

To get started with this printable Moana game of I Spy, you’ll only need a printer and paper, along with a pencil. If you’ve played I Spy before you’re probably familiar with the way it works.

To play on your own, just find the different Moana characters on the page and count how many there are. Write the number at the bottom of the page, under the matching character.

If you have a younger kid who just turned 2 or 3 years old, they may not be able to complete this entire activity alone yet. That’s totally okay! Younger kids will enjoy watching as you find them and help them count.

Older kids and parents will have fun together finding the different Moana characters.  Use the opportunity to do a little math together by adding and subtracting the number of characters.

For example: What’s the difference between how many Heihei and Kakamora there are? If you add up the number of Pua and Maui there are, what number do you get?

You can also print more than one copy of this Moana I Spy printable and create a race to see who finds all of their characters first, or make a game out of where you place each character around the house for someone else to find.

Ways to Use the Moana Game

We’ve shared ways to make the activity worksheet a family activity, but what about  some other ways to use it?

Birthday party – Print the Moana I Spy worksheet and let the guests play as you wait for more friends to arrive.

Movie Night – Print the Moana I Spy worksheet and play during the movie. Make some Moana themed food for snacks and have a whole family night of fun.

Disney Road Trip –  Pack the Moana I Spy printable in your car for some fun entertainment on road trips, long car rides, flights, or even just a trip to the grocery store.

Moana I Spy is a fun activity for you and your Disney fan! Grab a copy of the Moana game HERE and find all of the fun characters from this Disney adventure.

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