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Disney World Discounts to Cut Down the Cost of Your Vacation

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The best Disney World discounts are often not in the places you most expect to find them. However, there are plenty of options from the usual suspects such as Visa rewards and discount park tickets. Whatever your budget, this general guide to the most effective Disney World discounts can help you save money. You may even stretch out your vacation to include more than you think you can afford!

Best Disney World Discounts

Discount Disney Tickets

The first place many people look for the best Disney World discounts is often the deals on multi-day ticket packages. Many websites offer legitimate discount Disney World tickets that can shave a few dollars off your vacation.

Keep in mind that the bulk of your vacation cost will come from where you stay and for how long. Even so, every little bit helps. Travel agency websites typically have the authority to sell discount Disney park tickets. However, be aware that discount single-day tickets are probably a scam.

Special Offers

The best place to find the most relevant and the best Disney World discounts is on the Walt Disney World website. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you will find a list of links. Select the one that says special offers and you will be taken to a page that shows all current offers from discounts to specially priced vacation bundles.

Disney Visa Rewards

Another really good way to get the best Disney World discounts is to become a Chase Visa Disney Rewards member. There are two reasons you should definitely get one of these cards before planning your next Walt Disney World trip.

To begin with, your purchases earn you money you can spend at Walt Disney World. You can run up the Disney points when you use it to pay for your bookings and anything else you pay for leading up to your vacation. When you cash in your rewards a gift card is sent to you and you can use it to discount your remaining balance.

In addition to this excellent perk, you also get discounts on merchandise and food, plus cardmember exclusive character meet and greets.

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Magic Keys

Magic Keys are the new name for annual passes at Walt Disney World. There are different tiers to consider which include block-out dates and varying discounts. They are worth looking into for just one person in your group if you have a particularly large group or are going to stay for a long time. Magic Key holders do get discounts and special exclusive offers for events and merchandise.

Disney Vacation Club

Another potential money saver is becoming a Disney Vacation Club member. This is not for everybody, but if you visit Disney World about once or twice a year and you always stay at deluxe resorts, then you are a good candidate for this option. It certainly won’t save you money upfront, but it can be a good long-term investment that is not without its perks. DVC members often get special offers in addition to the discounts they receive for merchandise and dining.

Shop Disney Discounts

Once upon a time, just about everything you purchased in the Disney theme parks was exclusive. Now, all the same stuff is sold everywhere including the Disney Store which is known online as ShopDisney.com. Now, some items in the parks are only available in the parks, so you have to be sure before walking away from a must-have set of Minnie Mouse ears, but you often can buy the same exact thing at a discounted price online. Using deal-finding apps can help you get the perfect souvenirs for less. Since it delivers to your home, you don’t even have to travel!

Another good way to shop Disney discounts is by heading to the Character Warehouse. This discount Disney store has overstocked Disney merchandise that is priced to clear. Some of it is even from the cruise line and overseas Disney resorts.


Disney Gift Card Hacks

One of the best Disney World discounts available is the kind you make on your own with a little cunning. Purchase Disney gift cards at a discount, or with a cashback feature on your card. You can buy gift cards at a discount on places like giftcards.com, or even eBay.

Another example of a discounted gift card purchase is using your Target Red card for 5% off. Since you’re going to spend the money on your trip anyway, it makes good sense to shave a little off the top. There are also ways to get discounted gift cards using AmEx rewards. The Points Guy has much more detailed information about this.

Airline Discounts

You can’t overlook the cost of airfare when considering the best Disney World discounts. as a potential rival against hotel room rates for the most expensive part of the trip, any money-saving measure can help. Although technically unconnected, how much you spend on travel heavily impacts the rest of your vacation budget.

So look for those discount flights to Orlando by comparing the budget sites and the Airline promotions. Stretch your dollars more by getting early arrival and late departure times so you can stay for fewer nights.

Make the most your special trip and save yourself some money with all these different ideas on how to save money while visiting Disney World! Have any more ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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