Disney World for Adults: Everything There Is to Do

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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about Disney World for adults. Whether you’re planning a couples trip or just want a quiet date night during a family trip, you may be looking for some things for adults to do around Disney World. Here are some of our favorite things for adults to enjoy in Disney World.

disney world for adults

The Landing at Disney Springs (and Other Restaurants)

One place any adult should look to at Walt Disney World is the Landing at Disney Springs. There is a history of adult activity in this location. It used to be Pleasure Island, a collection of nightclubs with fictional backstories all meant to transport adult guests to a unique themed environment. There was a comedy club and Adventurers club and a variety of other options for every taste. Pleasure Island also had a New Year’s Eve party every night. While the unfortunately manicured Pleasure Island eventually met its end The island has now been revitalized as the Disney Springs Landing.

The themed restaurants in this special section of Disney Springs also have fictional backstories. These stories are part of a much larger Disney Springs origin story which is a lot of fun to explore. But that’s just the facade. The restaurants and bars at the landing are among the best at Walt Disney World and include celebrity chef-owned places as well as excellent bar crawling opportunities.

When you are finished with the Landing, there are lots of other “Disney World for adults” activities to do around Disney Springs. These include the House of Blues, Splitsville Luxury Lanes and the Coca-Cola rooftop bar.

The Monorail Bar Crawl (and Other Options)

One fun way to explore bars and lounges in Walt Disney World for adults is the Seven Seas Lagoon monorail loop. The monorail stops at the three resorts that overlook the Magic Kingdom. The Contemporary, Polynesian Village, and Grand Floridian. One fan favorite activity is to ride the monorail to each hotel and stop for a drink in one of the popular themed lounges. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, The Enchanted Rose, and California Grill Lounge are just a few famous options.


If bar crawls aren’t your thing, You can enjoy a progressive dinner instead. This is easy to do if you opt for counter service, or if you want to try your luck with the lounges.

Download our free monorail bar crawl printable here!

Destinations Discovered (and Other Disney World Tours)

There are some tours available at Walt Disney World with more soon to come. These cast member-guided experiences can be for a variety of age ranges. Some are better for children, while others are more adult-focused. One good Disney World for adults activity for those who like to go behind the scenes is DestiNATIONS Discovered. This World Showcase tour in EPCOT gives both in-depth and behind-the-scenes information about the park and the represented nations around the World Showcase Lagoon. Other fun EPCOT experiences are the Behind the Seeds tour at the Land Pavilion and the Aqua Tour, but you will have to check for availability on these as events continue to change.

Disney Spas (and Other Leisure Activities)

There are two places at Walt Disney World to enjoy a spa day. The Grand Floridian offers luxurious spa packages in the opulent style of victorian era Floridian architecture. If you like to be a little bit more tucked away, there is a second spa at Saratoga Springs. This one is just up the river from Disney Springs in a secluded resort far from the hustle and bustle of the theme park resort areas.

In addition to spas, there are a variety of other leisure activities such as cabana rentals. Deluxe resorts such as the Contemporary, Yacht Club and Grand Floridian. These rentals include a dedicated cast member, ceiling fan, cocktail service, mini fridge, TV and more.

golf course with golf carts

Walt Disney World also offers yacht and pontoon rentals as well as Professional golf courses, fishing, and lots of other recreational activities away from the theme parks. Whether you enjoy exploring a wilderness trail on horseback or retail therapy at Disney Spring Town Center. There are lots of things at Disney World for adults to do.

What’s your favorite adult activity at Disney World? Share your comments below!

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