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How to Use Disney World’s Park Reservation System

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If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, it’s a good idea to make use of the park reservation system. If you didn’t already know, you have the opportunity to reserve time spent at specific parks on the date and at the time that you prefer.

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Using the reservation is simple and stress-free, but a lot of people don’t know about it. Learn how to use Disney World’s Park Reservation System to have even better experiences with less crowding and waits during your visit.

Get Your Tickets or Passes

If you’re planning to visit a park and want to use the reservation system, you’ll need to order your tickets in advance. If you don’t purchase tickets, you may choose to buy annual passes. Lots of people get annual passes when they plan to visit the parks more often throughout the year. So, an annual pass would be a great investment to make, whether you live close by or would like to travel to the area a few times per year. Once you have tickets or passes, you may then make a park reservation through the Disney World website. The website will instruct you to sign in with your Disney login to access your account and choose the date and time for your reservations. It’s super simple.

Create a Party

When you’d like to visit the Disney World parks with friends and family, you can create a party through your account to make reservations for the entire group.

  1. First, you create the party and list the number of people included.
  2. After adding the headcount, you can select the date and time for the reservation, confirming all the details before finalizing the reservations.
  3. Be sure to review everything before you make your reservations because you don’t want to make any mistakes!

Use the App

While you can book your reservations through the website using your laptop, computer, or tablet, you can also make reservations using the convenient Disney app. It’s a time-saving solution for those who like to get things done while on the go.

  1. If you prefer to use the app, download it and open it.
  2. Check the section that says “Plan Your Next Visit.”
  3. Once you’ve selected it, you should see something that says, “Make a Park Reservation.”
  4. You can click this section and begin the process of making your reservations to visit your favorite Disney World park with loved ones.

Make Reservations for Disney World 

The reservation system offered by Disney World is a major convenience. It’s easy to reserve your spot on a day and time of your choice with the number of people you’re planning to go to Disney World with, such as family and friends.

But, of course, if you forget to use the reservation system before your trip by visiting the website or using the app, you can always make reservations at one of the in-person kiosks. Be sure to secure your spot to avoid those crowds and have a more enjoyable experience.

You’ll be glad that you took the extra time to take this step and secure your chance to visit Disney World parks, such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot!

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