Should I Purchase Genie + at Walt Disney World?

Guests of Disney World continue to use this app to make their experience even better! You can add the Disney Genie+ service to your ticket for $15 a person.

This app will help bring customized recommendations right to your phone.

What are the benefits of Genie app?

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You can even check in to reservations and gain access to virtual queues.

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You can also use it to find out wait times for attractions. Disney Genie + is the add on.

What is Genie +?

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It’s free!

How much does Genie app cost?

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Why You Should Buy Genie + at Disney World

You can experience an amazing vacation at one of the most magical places on earth.

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– The Genie + offers a unique and fun way to explore Disney World. – It’s perfect for families or groups looking for a fun and affordable way to experience Disney World.