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Uses for WD-40

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WD-40 is a great addition to any home tool kit but it also can be a wonderful addition to your cleaning cabinet. There are so many great uses for WD-40 that many people truly underestimate the power of this handy can of penetrating oil. Keep a can of WD-40 and this list handy in your home.

uses for wd-40 in the home

Removing Stickers

WD-40 is great for removing the sticky residue from stickers. If you peel away the sticker and find a thick residue left behind, spray it with WD-40 and let it sit for a while to break down the glue. You can then simply scrape up the residue and wash the surface.

For tough to get up stickers, scratch the surface to remove any waterproofing and then spray on WD-40 and let it sit for a while. This can then be scraped up easily after the WD-40 is able to break down the glue under the sticker.

Cleaning Away Floor Scuffs

If you have scuffs on your floor or other furniture from shoes, you can use WD-40 to break down the rubber that was left behind on the surface and then gently scrub it away. This is a great way to make your floors, furniture, and even baseboards shine again.

Get Crayons Off the Walls

Anyone with kids knows just how much of a problem crayons on the walls can be. These pesky marks are hard to remove and it doesn’t take long for a kid to leave large marks on walls when you are not paying attention and dealing with something else. The good news is that you can use a spray of WD-40 and a scrubber to easily remove any crayons from a semi-gloss painted wall. For really stuck on parts, treat with WD-40 and then use a magic eraser.

Refresh an Old Bike Chain

If you have a bike with an old rusted bike chain, you can use WD-40 to help clean away the rust and act as a lubricant. This is best used as the first step to bike maintenance. Adding a bit of car oil to the chain after the rust has worn away will help it last longer.

clean old tools with wd-40

Clean Old Tools

A great way to use WD-40 is to clean your tools. As your tools get older, they tend to get rusty or encased in grease and grime. WD-40 will break down old oil and grease, helping to return your tools back to their original condition. Wiping them down and buffing them with WD-40 will keep your tools in great shape longer, which protects your investment.

Remove Gum from Surfaces

WD-40 is a great asset for dealing with chewing gum. Whether it is stuck on the bottom of your shoe, on a child’s desk, or even in someone’s hair, you can use WD-40 to help remove it. This is because WD-40 will penetrate and break down the sticky substance that is holding onto the surface and act as a lubricant.

Waterproof Surfaces

Buffing a little WD-40 into surfaces is a great way to help make them repel water. This can work on everything from lawn furniture to your boots if you cannot find waterproofing spray at the store. This is a great budget fix when in a pinch. Keep the coating light, as too much will end up leaving your surfaces an oily mess that tends to work against the goal of keeping it dry with this trick.

Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

One of the best ways to fix squeaky door hinges is to use WD-40. This will work its way down into the hinge, removing rust and lubricating the hinge to stop the noise. To do this, spray the hinge well, then open and close the door a few times until the WD-40 has worked its way down and the sound stops.

Refresh Your Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are a great way to save money by giving your family hair cuts on your own, but home hair clippers are not known for holding up. Many people find their home hair clippers rusting or stop moving the way they should, leaving odd missed hairs or even a complete failure to cut hair. The good news is that with a few drops of WD-40 and letting it run for a moment, your hair clippers will be ready to go again.

Clean Your Toilet

While you wouldn’t want to add a lot of WD-40 to your toilet for cleaning, this can be a great tool for removing rust and lime deposits from your toilet, allowing you to enjoy a nice clean bathroom. Simply spray in your toilet bowl and let sit for a few minutes before cleaning as you normally would to remove rust and lime for a sparkling toilet.

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