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11 Best Coffee Shops in St. Augustine, Florida

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Are you planning a trip to St. Augustine, Florida, and need to know where a great place is to get coffee? Check out the best coffee shops in St. Augustine and enjoy the scenery that Saint Augustine has to offer!

Many people around the world start their morning with a cup of joe, whether it’s a fancy cold brew or just a plain black coffee this list is sure to find the perfect place for you! As with most coffee shops these days, many of these have free Wi-Fi that you can use and good food menu items to enjoy with your espresso drinks!

Best Coffee Shops in St. Augustine

There is nothing better than enjoying a morning in St. Augustine with a delicious cup of coffee in hand. As you know, we visit St. Augustine yearly for a few weeks each summer, and trust me…I’ve scouted out the best coffee spots in St. Augustine.

coffee in st augustine

Here are the 11 best coffee shops in St. Augustine you need to visit!

​Maple Street Biscuit Company

First up on my list of amazing coffee places is local favorite Maple Street Biscuits. Located in the historic district on Cordova Street this is a great spot to enjoy local coffee and food items. They have a cute outdoor area to sit and enjoy your coffee while taking in the morning weather. I personally prefer their dark bark but they have a few roasts to choose from.

From their about page on their website “From our humble start in 2012, Maple Street has always been, well… different. In a world of boring breakfasts, we set out to craft scratch-made comfort food, but with a modern twist. With every breakfast, lunch, and service-focused catering event, our fresh ingredients, that quirky take on comfort food, and a sense of community go well beyond basic. We aim to leave you both full and fulfilled.”

We love this coffee shop for its delicious coffee, but they also have a gift shop where you can buy coffee beans, mugs, and even personal K-cups to take home with you!

Sweetwater Coffee Bar

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share with you Sweetwater Coffee Bar located in a local hotspot! With amazing coffee, food, and even a local art gallery! Sweetwater serves breakfast all day and an array of different sandwiches and salads too! And let’s not forget their extensive menu of specialty drinks to choose from. This coffee bar is an experience you soon won’t forget!

Dos Coffee

Dos Coffee offers a very unique experience to get your coffee! Located in an old auto repair shop Dos Coffee and Wine has become a hotspot for locals and travelers alike. Located on the north end of St. Augustine they serve hand-crafted coffee, a carousel of beer, wine, and assorted baked goods. 

The Kookaburra Coffee

Kookaburra open its first location in St. Augustine in 2012 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then! They have a total of 6 locations in St Augustine now and all of them are great. With great service and even better drinks, this is a crucial coffee café you have to visit during your trip. You can even buy your own beans to take home and roast your own Kookaburra coffee in the comfort of your own home!

Augustine Coffee House

If you’re looking for a great coffee spot on St. George Street then St. Augustine Coffee House is your go-to! Grab a quick bite and sit in their outdoor seating area to enjoy your coffee drinks. This crucial coffee cafe is located in the heart of St. Augustine and locals love to stop by regularly for their caffeine fix.

Growers Alliance Cafe and Gift Shops

Looking for a great cup of coffee on Anastasia Island? Growers Alliance is your place! Growers Alliance strives for the safest and cleanest ways to experience your coffee. By creating a fair trade with their farmers by paying a better price for harvest they directly support a better life for the coffee farming communities that they source their coffee from. 

Castillo Ice Cream and Coffee

Need a pick-me-up and a treat for the kids? Castillo Ice Cream and Coffee have the best of both worlds for you! With 40 different flavors of ice cream, you’re sure to find a flavor that is your favorite. If you want a drip coffee, americano, iced coffee, or something else entirely they have just about anything you can think of. Located on Castillo Dr, they are just a short jaunt away from other amenities in the area!

Island Donut

With two locations, one in St. Augustine Beach and the other in Atlantic Beach, this is one of our favorite places for coffee when we’re in St. Augustine. Their donuts are simply divine and what is a delicious donut without a hot cup of coffee (or, if you prefer…iced coffee). Just be sure to arrive early, they often sell out (that’s just HOW good they are!).

box of island donuts from st augustine coffee shop on balcony of beach house in vilano beach fl

The Witty Whisker Cafe

Located near the historic district and a short walk away from Flagler College the Witty Whisker cat cafe. I know you’re probably wondering, what is a cat café Well, it is a place for cat lovers to come and enjoy breakfast sandwiches, ice brew coffee, or any other food or drink you may think of! While also having a cat lounge next door. It is a totally separate, but easily accessible place where you will find happy, healthy, and ready-to-be-adopted cats. You’re sure to have a great time watching the cats from inside the cafe, or for a small fee, you can go in a play with the kitties to your heart’s content!

La Taza Coffee Shop

With Latin-inspired bites and unique made-from-scratch food options, you’re going to love this unique blend! Located in the nation’s ancient city this is a good place for awesome coffee and culture all in one! 

Relampago Coffee Lab

Located in the heart of downtown St. Augustine is Relampago Coffee Lab and Roasting roasts its own coffee to make sure every bean reaches its own potential (you can view this on their website!). You can even shop their different coffee products right from their site!

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for something quick and easy, St. Augustine has so many great coffee shops to choose from! From premium local roasts to imported beans, there’s something for everyone here in the nation’s oldest city! Share with me your different experiences or any of your favorite coffee shops in St. Augustine! 

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