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Kid Safe Hand Sanitizer

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Don’t dry out your hands with harsh hand sanitizers! Make this safe and effective, kid friendly hand sanitizer at home easily.

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Trips to the park, playdates, or time spent at the zoo feeding the animals are a typical part of childhood. Along with all the germs that come with those activities.

Soap and water is always best, but what do you do if you can’t get to a sink right away? Most of us will reach for commercial hand sanitizer to help get rid of germs and bacteria. However, that can be so drying to your child’s hands.

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What’s a mom to do to keep her child protected from germs, colds, viruses and more without drying their hands? Make your own, of course! Just a few simple ingredients and you can make your own kid safe sanitizer at home.

What makes this safe is the lack of drying ingredients such as rubbing alcohol. What makes this effective against germs is the the witch hazel and essential oils that are well known for their anti-bacterial properties.

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What you need to make kid safe hand sanitizer

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How to make DIY hand sanitizer

  1. Add your aloe gel and witch hazel to a measuring cup and whisk together.
  2. Add in your avocado carrier oil and distilled water.
  3. Add in your essential oils.
  4. Whisk all ingredients together until well incorporated.
  5. Using a funnel, add the mixture into your bottle, stopping about ½” from the top. Add the top and screw on tightly.
  6. Affix your label!

If you want to make your own hand sanitizer, you can print your own label here.

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