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Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Toddler

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To keep you from having a house torn upside down, here are ten activities to do outside with your toddler or preschooler this spring.

The warmer the weather gets the more antsy toddlers and preschoolers become. Young kids need to be entertained as much as possible, or they can find mischief faster than a volcano erupting.

Create Cloud-Based Stories

A neat thing to get everyone’s mind rolling is laying with your toddler on a blanket outside and creating stories together based on what you each see in the clouds. It never fails my kids and I can both see the same set of clouds and see different things.

This activity helps them to expand their imaginations while making a bond with them. As an added benefit you can also throw in some fables filled with life moral lessons that make learning fun.

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Take a Walk-Through Nature

Springtime is the perfect time for taking nature walks with the kids. Be sure that you take scavenger hunt lists with you to keep everyone entertained. This will help your toddler to learn to appreciate the outdoors and being active while having fun.

Make a Kitchen Scrap Garden

Don’t let your kitchen scraps go to waste. Work together with your toddlers to make little planters and create a kitchen scrap garden. Then you’ll have something to do every day. Plus, this activity will help feed the family. It will most likely help them get excited about eating healthier too. 

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Create an Obstacle Course

You can take boxes, old tires, hula hoops, chairs, and whatever else you can think of and create an obstacle course. Your children will have fun racing the clock throughout the homemade course. 

Catch Fireflies

One of life’s most fascinating kids’ activities outside must be fireflies! These beautiful insects create an aspiring site. When you spend a beautiful spring night catching them it will be a night that your kids will not forget.

You can share with your kids how much of an impact these little bugs make on their surroundings. If you watch fireflies long enough, you’ll see that in their groups they make light shows, and when one doesn’t light up it changes the entire thing.

This natural wonder teaches kids the value of how their actions affect everything around them.

child catching fireflies in jar

Create a Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are a wonderful way to teach children different textures and about their senses. You can make them ideal for an outside setting by mixing tons of sand and rocks.

If you give them shovels too, they’ll have fun digging and drawing for hours on end. When you provide them the materials needed to make sandcastles, that also takes fun to the next level.

little girl painting at an easel

Let Them Make Art Outside

Most young kids like to artistic designs. You can give them the ever-popular sidewalk chalk, or you can let them have some unique fun by following this toddler process art activity painting tutorial. 

You can also take some time to collect rocks and paint them outside. Then you can add your rock paintings to your kitchen scrap garden. 

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Play Old-Fashioned Physical Games

The older generations grew up playing Hide and Seek, Hopscotch, Red Rover, Jump rope, and many more. If you weren’t raised to play these games, you can get a full tutorial of how to play these outdoor activities for kids from Mom Junction. 

Camp in Your Yard

Young kids get excited over the idea of camping out or sleeping anywhere other than their room. This becomes even truer when they get to camp outside whether that’s in your yard or at a campground. A true memory maker is sleeping in on a trampoline with a net around it if you have one of those. 

mom jogging next to kid riding his bike.

Have fun outside with your toddler this Spring. The bonus is that your little one may be tuckered out and you can snuggle down for a well deserved nap together. Or, you can have a bit of downtime for yourself.

The best part is the chance is extremely high that they will remember these adventures for years to come.

Which of these kids’ outside activities sounds like the most fun for you?

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