5 Essentials for Traveling With Baby

5 Essentials for Traveling with Baby

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We have traveled a lot since having our little one back in December. Our family lives 4 hours away, so between visiting them, a mini-vacation and the fact that I travel for work some, we have traveled a lot with our little one. Every time we travel with him it feels like I pack the entire house (if you asked my husband, he would say that I DO pack the entire house). [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]I never really understood just how much ‘stuff’ babies come with. @lovinglivinglancaster[/Tweet] Now that we have traveled with him several times, I have drastically reduced the amount of things we take with us. These 5 Essentials For Traveling With Baby have made our life and our trips much easier!

5 Essentials for Traveling With Baby

There are 5 Essentials for Traveling With Baby that I have found make each trip easier.

A Place to Sleep. Most of the time, we take the Rock and Play for our little one to sleep in. Now that he has almost outgrown it, we are going to have to start taking the Pack and Play with us. The Pack and Play takes up a little more room in the car, but it will be nice for him to have a place to sleep and play as well. Most hotels do provide cribs or other items for babies to sleep in, but most of the time when we are traveling, we stay with family members. If we do stay in a hotel, I still prefer that he has his own place to sleep from home-he just seems more comfortable.

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Feeding Essentials. We take almost all of his bottles with us when traveling. I know this may seem like overkill, but it saves us from having to wash the bottles so much. If we are going out during the day and will be gone for several hours, it saves me from trying to wash the bottle in a public sink to refill–instead, I just take several clean bottles with us. I also take a medium sized bowl or container & dish washing liquid to use for washing the bottles-especially if we are staying at hotel, this just keeps from having to wash bottles in a bathroom sink. We also take his baby food, spoons and bibs. My favorite bib as of lately is this adorable bib from Bibs Plus! I loved Winnie the Pooh growing up, so it makes me happy to see my little one wearing this bib. It is so soft and keeps him dryer longer (he is drooling SO much from teething).


Diapers and Wipes. Of course this sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at just how many times I have almost forgotten to pack them. I make sure to take more than enough diapers and wipes than I think we will need, it’s better to have too many than not enough! I have also found it’s more expensive to stop at a drugstore in a panic after running out of diapers on a trip. Packing enough saves us money and a major headache.
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Stroller. Our strollers have been lifesavers! Each time I leave without it, I always find that I could have used it. We have been using the larger jogging stroller that came with our travel system, but we are getting ready to transition to an umbrella stroller. I’m not gonna lie-I am excited about transitioning to a lighter weight stroller!
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A Bunch of Other ‘Stuff’. Okay-this isn’t really just ‘one’ item, but there are several things that don’t really fit into a category, but that are important to taking with us when we travel. Here is a brief rundown:

  • Diaper rash creme
  • Sunscreen (if we will be outside)
  • Additional clothes/outfits
  • Blanket(s)
  • Toys/lovies
  • Pacis
  • Sleepers

So, all of this ‘stuff’ begs the question–what do I pack it all in? Our Oemi Baby diaper bag is PERFECT for packing all of this ‘stuff’ in. I find that I am sometimes the ‘bag lady’….I carry a ton of bags wherever we go. This bag is BY FAR the best bag for traveling with baby. I can even fit my small laptop in the bag so that I can work on the go.

oemi baby bag


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oemi baby bag

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  1. We had a travel sized play pen and it was glorious!!! Fit everywhere we went!!

  2. All of that is important – and that baby is SO cute! :)1

  3. We went to Holland when our youngest was just over a year…and yes…all the things. My sister in law (who was living there at the time) stocked up on the essentials for us – but we still had way too much stuff.

  4. I tend to be more of an overpacker that an underpacker, haha. We just recently began using our umbrella stroller and now we have so much more room in the trunk ☺️ Also, I love that bag because it does not look like a diaper bag!

  5. So interesting how people’s essential items differ! I travel with my baby (also born in December) everywhere. Disposable diapers and wipes, because I’m not going to deal with cloth diaper laundry while traveling. Sometimes no crib; we can co-sleep for the few days of a trip. I’m surprised you can still use that little seat! Our squirmy little one grew out of that a few months ago. No stroller – it’s bulky and my wrap works great for babywearing. No bottles – I breastfeed, but now she’s old enough for normal cups and solid food too. No diaper bag – I don’t own one, preferring a large purse instead. Also on my list: a car seat, baby clothes, a couple of small toys, and a baby blanket which doubles as a nursing cover. Thankfully, travel should be slowing down for us for a little while. Lists evolve as the baby grows!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing with your followers about us! Please tag us when you take pics with your precious gem wearing the Winnie Pooh bib. Enjoyed your blog.

  7. Its amazing the way we learn as we go. Now new mothers can learn from what you have lived

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