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5 Ways to Stay Motivated As a Work At Home Mom

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Staying motivated to work at home is difficult for anyone. Add kids into the mix and it can be really difficult to find your motivation! Here are my tips for how to stay motivated as a work at home mom!

I’m going to share a secret with you: I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. We’ve all been there, I’ve been in one of those ‘blah’ moods. Between sleep regressions, a new baby and being blessed with a lot of work lately, I’ve been very busy lately. Some days, it can be difficult to find the motivation it takes to run a business, be a great mom/wife and keep our household running smoothly. The temptation to stay in bed, snuggle with our little ones and watch cooking shows is real. I’ve found a few ways to get out of this ‘funk’ that have really worked and have helped me to stay motivated as a work at home mom. 

5 Ways to Stay Motivated As a Work At Home Mom

Go To Bed. This is the number one thing I struggle with. I have always been a night owl, but working until 11 PM and then expecting to get up and be productive at 5 am after waking for two feedings during the night with our girl, that’s a ridiculous expectation. I can’t keep that pace up for long and being exhausted isn’t good for anyone, especially when I need to be focused.

Remember Your “Why”. It’s so easy to become focused on our work or the housework that needs to be done, dinner that needs to be cooked, etc. that we forget our ‘why’. Why did I become a work at home mom? To spend more time with my family and be a better mom/wife. Why do I work so hard? So my family can have a better life. When I remember to focus on my ‘why’, it’s easier to unplug and spend time with my family. Remembering my ‘why’ helps me to prioritize and stay motivated.

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Be Easy On Yourself. I’m also horrible at this one, I push myself really hard, which can be a blessing and a curse. When I’m exhausted, I tend to keep pushing through. I’ve learned that allowing myself to rest, have some downtime, take some time to myself or ‘have an off day’ is key to being productive overall. No one can be everything to everyone, all day everyday, and as moms, we need to learn to be easy on ourselves. We also need to take some time to ourselves, go shopping, take a drive, get a pedicure. When we are refreshed and taking care of ourselves, we are better people.

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Eat Healthy. When I eat like crap, I feel like crap. Plain and simple. I’m adding more protein to my diet, drinking more water and just watching what I eat overall. I’m learning to see food as fuel for my body and that is helping me to stay healthier and more motivated. I’ve also started taking vitamins routinely as well.

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Find Motivation Online. This one is actually fun! From motivational quotes on Pinterest to songs from Beyonce and other powerful women, there is a ton of motivation to be found online. Podcasts, books, Facebook groups, you name it…it’s there! If I find myself losing motivation during the day, I put on some upbeat music and scroll through quotes about entrepreneurs on Pinterest. While it may seem a bit counter productive, the small break combined with a bit of outside motivation can do wonders for your mood!

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