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The Best Easter Basket Ideas for a 1 Year Old

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Easter is one of the best holidays when you have little ones! Having Easter egg hunts, dressing up cute, and just enjoying time together as a family. When it comes to Easter basket ideas for a 1 year old, there are actually a ton of ideas for putting together the perfect baby’s first easter basket.

You can put together some filled Easter eggs for a simple Easter basket or you can go extravagant. The truth is that a 1 year old is just going to love the idea of there being something new to play with. Whether you choose toys, snacks, clothing, or balls, your baby will have so much fun!

Not to mention that they aren’t really aware of who the Easter bunny is or what an Easter basket is about, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to buy the perfect gift. Here are some Easter Basket ideas for a 1 year old.

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Best Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Baby Shoes

Easter baskets are one of the best ways to make a one-year-old smile! Choose something cute, practical, and fun to add an extra bit of joy to Easter morning. Baby shoes are a top pick for toddlers; they look great with any outfit and can take your little one’s look up a notch.

Plus, they’re super comfortable because the material is lightweight and breathable, perfect for those long days of crawling or toddling around! Whatever style you choose, gifting baby shoes this Easter will make your toddler look adorable and put them a step ahead in fashion!

Teething Crackers

Surprise the one-year-old in your life with something truly special this Easter… teething crackers! Not only are they an indulgent treat for those little gums, but these delectable snacks also provide cozy comfort that babies can count on.

They’re a chew-tastic combination of yumminess and practicality rolled into one edible Easter basket gift! Plus, teething crackers come in a variety of delicious flavors that are sure to make the recipient smile, what could be better?

Sippy Cups

An Easter basket filled with a sippy cup is an eggcellent gift idea for toddlers! Not only is it practical, but it’s also super fun to pick out the perfect cup that your little one will love. From bright colors to built-in straws and handles, your little one can transition from the bottle to sippin’ style in no time.

You can even find ones with their favorite characters on them so they’ll always have their best pal nearby during mealtime. Give your toddler a hoppin’ good Easter surprise this year with an adorable sippy cup!

Teething Toys

Teething toys are the perfect basket stuffers. They will bring lots of joy and entertainment to your baby. From colorful gems that feature rattling sounds to durable, safe teethers like a spring themed carrot teether or a slice of watermelon, there is something for every budding baby palate and energetic toddler lifestyle.

The chewy texture helps soothe sore gums while the bright colors and enticing shapes stimulate their developing senses. Not only that, but these adorable teethers are also easily washable with mild soap and water, making them ideal playtime companions on every adventure!


What better way to celebrate Easter with a one-year-old than by giving them fun items that are also practical? Balls make the perfect Easter Basket gift: they foster a baby’s sense of physical development, provide an outlet for their seemingly limitless energy, and inspire joyous giggles along the way.

Vibrant colors, textures, and sizes can keep those little hands busy and divert their attention in the most wonderful of ways! Whether it’s beach balls or water toys, jingly balls or sports balls, this is one surprise that’s sure to bring smiles to everyone involved. Giving balls as an Easter Basket gift for a one-year-old is not only sensible but oh-so-fun as well!

New Clothing

Easter is the perfect time to spoil a one-year-old in your life with some new clothing makes the best practical items that can be used any time. You can find all sorts of fun designs and colors for their outfits, ranging from sweet polka-dot jumpers to cool graphic tees. Dressing up your little one for special occasions or just for everyday wear will be so much fun!

Choosing new clothing as part of an Easter Basket gift is a great idea to add a uniquely personal touch, not to mention it’s sure to bring lots of smiles and big hugs from the happy recipient!

Hooded Towel

What better way to celebrate Easter with a little one than with a hooded towel? This fun and practical gift can be used year-round and is sure to make baths or days out at the beach more enjoyable! You can choose your favorite character, add a special name or even throw in some extra goodies like bath toys, bubbles, or fluffy slippers. Your one-year-old will love cuddling up in their cozy new hooded towel for years to come!

Bath Toys

This Easter, spoil your little one with the gift of bath time fun! Bath toys make a perfect basket-filler for any one-year-old, inspiring endless fun and creativity as they explore in the tub. Whether you choose boats, squirt animals, or something else, you can be sure your little cutie will enjoy these playtime treasures for many baths. Not only that, but this classic gift is sure to bring a smile to both your face and theirs. Get ready for some splashy memories!

Easter chick standing on wood

Rubber Ducky

Who doesn’t love a good rubber duck? For Easter, why not stuff a baby’s basket full of the cutest little yellow ducks around? They are adorable; rubber ducks soothe babies’ senses and can even help them learn colors. From floating in the tub to sitting as decorations on a shelf, rubber ducks make an incredibly versatile Easter basket gift. Just think how the babies will giggle when they try to catch these slippery fellows!

Stuffed Bunny

A stuffed animal for Easter is the perfect way to celebrate with a one-year-old! It’s soft, cuddly, and sure to bring out joyful squeals. Not only can it become their forever friend that they can bond and play with all year round, but its bright color provides an interesting sensory experience as they explore the world around them. This furry present is a great way to show them how much they are loved while fostering creativity and imagination!

Toddler Snacks

Easter is the perfect opportunity to spoil your little one with tasty and fun treats. Fill a basket to the brim with toddler-friendly snacks they will undoubtedly love! From organic fruit pouches full of yummy flavors to healthy finger foods like sticks of cheese and veggie chips, and even mouth-watering sweet tooth surprises like mini greek yogurt bites and granola bars, you can’t go wrong with any of these items for your one-year-old this Easter. They’ll be munching happily all day long!

Car Seat Toys

There’s extra fun to be had once you fill an Easter basket with car seat toys for your one-year-old! Choose from items that make music, designs that light up, and textures that keep them entertained during long car rides. It’s a great way to give something special while also providing a useful item they can use and treasure. You’ll be sure to get plenty of smiles when your little one sees the bright colors and feels the soft materials of new car seat toys.

Baby Friendly Blocks

Easter is a great time for little ones, as they get to dive into their first Easter baskets. One great gift for any one-year-old is baby-friendly blocks! Not only are they fun and colorful, they also facilitate open-ended play that encourages problem-solving with peekaboo windows and colorful shapes.

As your child plays and interacts with the blocks, they will build social skills like sharing and teamwork. It’s never too early to get a head start on their spatial skills. Baby-friendly blocks are sure to be a hit in any Easter basket as your one-year-old learns, grows, and has lots of fun!

Baby Socks

Why not include a pair of cozy socks in your one-year-old’s Easter basket this year? Not only will they be cute and cuddly, but socks are sure to bring a smile and plenty of “footsie” fun. Whether it’s for running around the house or playful snuggles. a pair of special Christmas socks make for an ideal gift.

Designed with bright colors, textural soles, and fuzzy material, these slippers will bring springtime laughter! Your baby will love their new addition and make Easter memories each time they slip them on!

New Blanket

When it comes to Easter baskets, you can’t go wrong with gifting a new blanket! It’s a fun and practical item that will become a well-loved part of a one-year-old’s bedroom essentials. Not only is a cuddly soft blanket sure to be treasured, but babies at this age also love exploring textures and patterns as they grow in sensory awareness.

For an extra special touch, look for plush designs featuring friendly characters that are sure to tickle your little one!

Finger Puppets

Easter is the perfect time to give something special and fun like finger puppets to a one-year-old. Not only are these little playthings super cute, but they can help spark a child’s imagination and encourage creative storytelling.

This gift is the perfect addition for unleashing any one-year-old’s inner puppeteer, for long car rides, imaginative games, or just plain good fun! It’s sure to be a gift that keeps on giving. Parents will love that finger puppets are cute and cuddly, while also providing endless hours of entertainment.

Snack Cup

Easter is the perfect time to give your one-year-old a fun, festive gift! A snack cup makes a great Easter basket gift for babies and toddlers alike. The fun colors and playful designs make snack cups a hit with little ones, while special compartments keep snacks organized while they’re out and about. When mealtime comes along, you can count on the snack cup to be there to make sure they don’t miss a single bite! Grab a snack cup this Easter and make mealtimes an adventure with your beloved one-year-old!

Melissa and Doug Toys

Why not treat your one-year-old to something extra special this Easter? Melissa and Doug toys are the perfect additions for a holiday celebration. With wooden puzzles, doll houses, and tool benches, these classic toys are cherished years later by both children and parents alike. Not to mention the vibrant colors, stimulating textures, and hours of entertainment that come with each toy!

Give the gift of Melissa and Doug this Easter season, you’ll bring lots of smiles to those happy faces!

Bunny Lovey

A great way to celebrate with some extra special cuddles is by gifting your one-year-old an adorably cozy bunny lovey! This oh-so-huggable plush makes a perfect addition to any Easter basket, giving your little one a cute companion who will be sure to become their favorite friend.

The soft, snuggly fabric is perfect for tender hugs and the sweet bunny face designs warm hearts. Your 1-year-old will adore this precious puddle bunny, enriching your holiday fun with even more cuddles and giggles from your mini me!

Easter basket with one year old in the grass grabbing Easter eggs.

Baby Easter Basket Ideas

A few more gift or Easter basket stuffers for one year olds that you’re 12 month old will love include:

  • An Easter book
  • Baby-friendly small toys like a little duck for bath time
  • Bunny ears
  • Wooden eggs
  • Bunny pajamas

No matter which of these adorable ideas you choose, you can be sure your one-year-old will love it!

What do you do for a 1 year old for Easter?

As a 1 year old, your child probably won’t be as interested in the Easter egg hunt as older kids. They are more interested in exploring every nook and cranny of their surroundings. Therefore, you may want to plan activities for baby’s first Easter that will keep them engaged while still allowing them to take part in the fun. 

One option is to set up an obstacle course or play area in your yard that they can explore while getting exercise. Another idea is to set up an Easter-themed sensory table where they can play with different types of materials, such as colorful plastic eggs, gooey slime, or fluffy cotton balls.

Whatever you decide to get for an Easter basket for a 1 year old, these ideas will work great for an Easter Sunday surprise. Don’t worry about spending a ton of money because toddlers have a short attention span and they love almost anything! Just double-check to make sure all their items are not a choking hazard for little ones.

From puzzles to books and from toys to sweet treats, don’t forget how special and fun Easter can be for your little one as they venture into their second year of life. Seeing them enjoy the season is the best part!

Easter is the perfect time for celebrating with fun and happy moments, so don’t forget to include something special for your little one this special season. Happy Easter! 

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