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3 Areas In Your Home You MUST Decorate For Christmas

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Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Allison Lancaster

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Christmas season is here, yay! I love this time of year and it’s even more special this year now that we have two little ones! It is also Rebecca’s first Christmas, which as a mom, makes my heart so happy! Honestly, I had planned to go ‘all out’ with the Christmas decor this year – but it just hasn’t happened. We put our tree up super early (on Halloween), which has made me so happy. From there, we put up our outdoor decor and that is really as far as I have gotten. I haven’t even hung stockings yet or set out my traditional Christmas village that I love so much. Life with a toddler, a baby, a husband and a growing business is just so crazy right now! Even though I don’t have it all together this year, I do have 3 specific areas in our home decorated that make things flow and look like I put a lot of thought and time into our decor. If your life is as crazy as mine, here are the three areas in your home that you must decorate for Christmas!

3 Areas In Your Home You MUST Decorate For Christmas

Exterior Doors: These are SO important when decorating your home for the holidays. They are the first thing that people see when they arrive to your home and it’s the first impression for your home. We have two ‘main’ exterior doors – a front door and a side door to our garage. Even though most people enter through the front door of our home, the side garage door is the door that guests see when they pull into our driveway. Adding a beautiful wreath to this door from Nearly Natural was a great way for me to pull together our holiday decor in a very simple but elegant way!


Your Towels. I know, this one sounds a bit crazy. I’m not talking about your bath towels. I’m talking about your kitchen and bathroom hand towels. Changing them to be holiday towels or even a solid red/green towel is a great way to pull all of your decor together, simply and easily.

Your Dining Room Table. This is another great place to add a bit of festive holiday cheer to your home without putting in a ton of effort. I simply switched out our evergreen centerpiece with a beautiful centerpiece from Nearly Natural and our holiday decor was instantly all tied together! Not only is your dining table where you gather for daily meals, it’s also where you will likely hold your holiday meal, so adding some Christmas decor to your table is a ‘must decorate’!

2s3kObKhRFewQW4RvToMQI am highly impressed with the quality of products that Nearly Natural offers! They are beautiful and truly do look ‘nearly natural’! Even better, they are offering my readers 20% off this holiday season if you use the code: XMASLL

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