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How To Teach Toddlers Through Play

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Now that Levi is a toddler and Rebecca is well on her way to being a toddler (time flies!), I am thinking more and more about how to teach these two littles ones that I have been entrusted with. We are planning to homeschool both of them, so I want to get an early start on teaching them. Of course, in the toddler stage – their attention spans are limited and the time window to get them to sit still for teaching is very small as well. My main goal in getting started early with home learning is to get Levi into a routine so that when I say it’s ‘school’ time, he has somewhat of a grasp on what that means. We all know that during the toddler phase, our little ones are like sponges – taking in everything around them and learning very quickly. It’s up to us to teach them as much as possible! Teaching toddlers in a traditional classroom setting is difficult and often doesn’t work, but teaching them through play does!

How To Teach Toddlers Through Play

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Figure Out What They Love. For Levi, he LOVES anything with wheels. So, instead of sitting him at the table and counting beads, etc., we sit at the table and count small cars. He wheels one over to me and we count out loud, repeat, repeat, etc. This not only gives us time together where he gets to play ‘cars with mommy’, but it also teaches him counting and his numbers. It’s a win win!

Use Every Opportunity. Even though riding in the car isn’t a ‘play time activity’, we’ve turned it into one! We play a game where I point out a car, building, etc. and he tells me what color it is. If we are passing a work truck, I ask him what kind of truck it is (dump truck, fire truck, etc.).

Make It a Family Activity. This past weekend, my parents were visiting, so we gathered for a fun Sunday lunch together. After lunch, we pulled out Levi’s Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus. He was SO excited to open this new toy and I was excited to show him all of the fun features it has! It’s not often that you find a toy that has as many educational features as the Rocktopus. It comes with FIFTEEN musical instruments and has THREE educational play modes. I call that a mom win! Learning through play is so important at our house, and the Think & Learn Rocktopus is the newest trick in my bag for teaching Levi through play. I can’t wait for Rebecca to get older to be able to use the Rocktopus!

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In addition to all of the play modes and various activities that the Rocktopus offers, it is a fun toy for the entire family. Levi loved sitting at our table with Mamaw and Papaw and learning all about his new toy. They played music, counted and most importantly – spent quality time together. If you are like me and still working on your holiday shopping, I encourage you to consider adding the Rocktopus to your list. It’s available at Walmart!

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