Science Experiments for Kids at Home: Four-to-Six-Year-Olds

Written by:  Allison Lancaster

Science experiments for kids at home are a great way to keep curious kids learning while having fun! These science experiments to do at home are great for kids from 4 – 6 years old!

Melting Crayons Rainbow

This experiment will let your kids bring a little bit of artistic flair to the science lab.

Magnetic Or Not?

Do you remember the unexpected excitement when you were younger of finding your earring or paperclips sticking to something you didn’t realize was magnetic?

Making it rain

With just a few common household items, you and your kids can create a cloud inside a glass of water.

The important thing throughout these activities is to encourage your kids to ask and answer questions and think about how the ingredients are reacting with each other. There’s no reason homeschooled science can’t be fun for everyone involved.

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