Check out  The  Quick and Easy Website Tweaks  To Increase Your  Revenue

Create  Mailing  List

To have more people to privately reach out to  with new sales and  affiliate deals.

Sharing a related offer will increase your chances of earning more affiliate  revenue and sales

Keep Visitors  on Site  with  Internal  Linking

Link older blogs to the newest blogs to keep visitors stay on your site longer, which ultimately starts earning you more ad revenue.

Utilize      Your           Download                  Pages

Download page should serve as an option to download free “prize” for signing up on your list as well as bringing them back for more.

Use a script so that you can upsell to your client after they download the free item.

Lastly, using a confirmation page is a great way to get people to join your VIP Group or upsell them to something similar, while they confirm subscription to your email list.

Take time to use these quick and easy website tweaks to make more money

You’ll have to invest a bit of time now, but it will pay off faster than you realize.

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