Copycat Sweet Tea

I often have a glass of sweet tea as I’m sitting on the porch watching the kids play.  

This recipe is so easy to make and makes a good amount of sweet tea! 

Ingredients you will need:

– Filtered water – Tea bag – Sugar – Baking soda

Ingredients you will need:

1. Boil water, remove from heat and add tea bags. 2. Allow tea bags to steep, then stir in sugar to dissolve.

How to make your homemade sweet tea:

3.  Add baking soda, remaining water to large pitcher. 4. Stir in steeped tea after removing tea bags. 5. Cover and refrigerate.

How to make your homemade sweet tea:

You can make it now and refrigerate it for guests coming over. 

Add some to an ice cube tray and add the frozen cubes to your glass of sweet tea. 

Pro Tip:

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