Snow Gear for Toddlers

Snow Gear for Toddlers

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Every mom and dad’s goal during the winter is keeping their little ones all warm and toasty. After all, it’s no longer a fun experience once they’re crying that they’re cold and wet. For you to be able to prevent that, it’s important to know what snow gear is considered good quality while also being stylish. Check out some of these great ideas on toddler snow gear that you should consider buying this year.

toddler playing in the snow

#1. Winter Boots

When you’re shopping around for the right footwear to keep your toddler’s feet warm this winter, this first pair will certainly do the trick. Not only are these girls and boys winter boots stylish, but they’re very comfortable too! They come with an adjustable strap so that they fit your child’s feet just right.

No matter what winter activity your little one may be participating in, they’re sure to stay nice and dry with these Faux Fur-lined boots. They’re extremely light and easy to put on or take off due to their elastic laces. 

toddler snow boots

#2. Winter Hats

WIth its double-layering design that provides all the extra comfort that your little one needs, this adorable toddler winter hat scarf will keep their heads, ears, and necks nice and warm all winter long.

These knitted beanie hats come with a fleece lining that protects your toddler’s head during the coldest winter conditions. They look super cute too! 

toddler snow hat

#3. Gloves for the Cold Weather

You and your child will absolutely adore the patterns on these little snow mittens that will do their job against the cold winter air. Keep in mind that although these mittens are waterproof, your children won’t want to keep their paws in the snow for too long.

Nothing is worse for a child than wet and cold hands after a day of playing out in the snow. But that won’t be the case with these 2-pair toddler girls’ and boys’ winter gloves. These gloves come with 2 layers of protection and do an excellent job of keeping snow out.

toddler snow gloves

#4. Snow Bibs for the Win!

With adjustable suspenders, these water-repellant Arctix Toddler Overalls will keep your toddler warm while also protected nicely from wear and tear no matter how adventurous your little one is. 

Available in 3T and 4T, these Cherokee Insulated Snow Bibs are both comfortable and able to protect against any weather condition. They too should be able to prevent tears, especially in the knee region. 

toddler snow bibs

#5. Fleece Lined Snow Pants

You won’t hear any complaints from your toddler about their legs freezing when they have on these snowpants that have been lined with fleece. There’s also plenty of patterns and colors to choose from.

#6. Coats

You don’t just want to settle for any coat for your child this winter. This boys/girls winter fleece jacket is high-quality and an excellent choice. While it may be soft, it will still keep them plenty warm. 

toddler winter coat for the snow
  • This Rokka&Rolla Girls Winter Jacket is both water-resistant and ultra-soft. It also does a great job maintaining body temperature, even during extreme colder weather.
  • The inside of this Boys Puffer Jacket Coat is lined in a cozy fleece material, and the outside is made up of a polyester fabric that provides water resistance to it. Right now, it’s an extremely popular boy’s coat that you wouldn’t go wrong with. 

Make sure that your toddlers can still enjoy the colder weather this winter by gathering all the right snow gear for them. And no matter which of these you go with, rest assured that they won’t be miserable.

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