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Saving Money on Prescriptions With SearchRx

This post was brought to you in partnership with SearchRx. 

You all know how hard we work to save money in our house. We are constantly trying to find new ways to save money and spend less. One topic I haven’t discussed before is how we save money on prescription medicines. I am a chronic migraine suffer, so I have a prescription that I have to fill at least once a month for those medications. It can get expensive! Today, I am excited to share with you one of my favorite ways for saving money on prescription medications.

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SearchRx is my favorite tool when it comes to saving money on our prescriptions. This past weekend, my little one and I spend Sunday afternoon at Urgent Care. We both have ear and sinus infections. Let me tell you-those prescriptions weren’t cheap! I was thankful that I knew about SearchRx-it saved us money on the medication that we needed at that moment!

With SearchRx you can save up to 75% on almost all FDA approved drugs, at most pharmacies nationwide. With all of the healthcare chaos that is going on right now, SearchRx is a wonderful way to save on those out of pocket expenses for your prescriptions. They also offer at 24/7 help line if you have any questions or issues with your coupons.

How it Works

SearchRx has a desktop site and also an Android and Iphone App. I was able to pull up my app while we were still waiting at Urgent Care, search for the medicine that we had been prescribed and find the location nearest to us with the best price. Even better? They had a coupon for it right on the app!

But…There HAS to Be a Catch…Right?

Wrong. I thought the same thing, but the best information is ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak, here is the answer to that question directly from SearchRx’s website:

Good question. We’ve partnered with a leading pharmacy benefit manager, OptumRx, who has negotiated discounted medication prices through bulk buying. Because our discount program isn’t insurance, it’s free. We collect a bounty from the discount awarded from big pharmaceutical companies, but NEVER from you.

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SearchRx is free to users, you don’t have to register (which I love-I am all about my privacy) and the coupons are completely free to use! If you are working toward saving money in 2017, I highly recommend downloading SearchRx and bookmarking it on your computer-it is sure to help you save money on your prescriptions!