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Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cookies 

When summer time hits, and the backyard BBQ parties are in full swing, there is nothing more satisfying than having grilled burgers, steaks, chicken, or even hot dogs. Add in these Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies, and you have yourself a party!

Kentucky Butter Cookies

When you serve these cake mix cookies with their bourbon glaze, the conversation will quickly turn to how amazing your cookies are! And it’s no wonder with the sweetness of the butter cookies and just the right amount of flavor of bourbon in the glaze.  

One of the best parts of this recipe is how easy it is to make. Not a lot of measuring of different ingredients. Pull out your favorite vanilla boxed cake mix and you are set!

Crumbl makes a version of these Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies, but I think making these in your own kitchen makes them even better. Not to mention you can add more bourbon to the glaze if you want a stronger flavor.

butter cookies stacked, with bottle of bourbon in background

What is Special About Kentucky Bourbon?

The state of Kentucky is known for its bourbon, and because of their hard water there, the conditions for distilling are at its best. It’s no wonder 95% of bourbon comes from Kentucky!

How to Make Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies

To make these Kentucky bourbon butter cookies, you start with a cake mix, making the dessert quick and easy to make. You’ll only need a box of cake mix, eggs, butter, sugar and your favorite bourbon to whip up a batch of these adult boozy cookies.

steps for making butter cookies

Are Bourbon Cookies Safe for Kids?

No, these are not child friendly due to the alcohol added to the rich, boozy glaze. If the bourbon was in the cake mix and cooked it would be fine, but at this point you are adding alcohol to the glaze.                                           

However, you could leave the alcohol out to make it child friendly if you wanted, or better yet, make a second batch and add a bit of food coloring to the glaze so everyone knows which is which.

Can I Use Something Other Than Bourbon?

For this recipe, I used my favorite bourbon from the liquor store. However, you could mix it up with different alcohol, such as flavored vodka, cinnamon Schnapps, or even brandy.

The key here is to make sure the alcohol has a flavor to it so the icing will be delicious!

Can I Use a Different Cake Mix?

Yes. You can use any boxed cake to switch up the flavors. Try devil’s food, German chocolate, or for a festive touch, a sprinkle cake mix!

If you want to go completely from scratch, use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and proceed with the glaze.

What could be better than a delicious, buttery cookie that has been glazed with bourbon? Not much, in my opinion! These Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies are sure to be the perfect addition to any summer party. 

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