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How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

This post is sponsored by e-cloth. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We have two dogs and a toddler, so you can only imagine the chaos that our house is most days. It seems almost inevitable that when I put Levi down for a nap, the UPS man will ring the doorbell and the dogs will bark their heads off. I call it my “happy chaos”. Even though our house can be noisy most of the time, it’s full of love and I wouldn’t know what to do without our two fur babies. Bella and Smokey were both ‘rescues’ and both hold a special place in my heart. Although I love them dearly, our pets do create a bit of a mess at times, especially during the fall when they are shedding their summer coats. Over the years, I’ve mastered a few tips to help keep your house clean even with pets. 

Declutter your home. This is your friend for both babies and pets. The less stuff, the less mess is my motto. Our dogs are adult dogs and don’t make the mess that some puppies do with chewing things up, but decluttering is your friend if you are in that stage. The less things that your pet can get to to ‘mess up’, the less mess for you to clean up.

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Vacuum Daily. I know, this is a tough one. I don’t always live by this rule either. However, I try to vacuum at least the upstairs of our house and the main living area daily. This is where the dogs are most of the time and where the most ‘fur’ gathers.

Change Your HVAC Filters At Least Monthly. I know this is a rule of thumb for everyone, but it is especially important for pet owners. The more fur that gathers in your HVAC filter, the less efficient your system is and the less clean the air is in your home.

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Keep Your Pets Groomed. This is likely a no brainer but keeping your pets groomed frequently will help to keep your home cleaner and your pets happier.

Groom In Between Grooming. Especially during the “shedding season” this is important. I love our e-cloth Groom and Massage Mitt. It not only removes the loose fur from our pups, but it also reduces odor causing bacteria and gives them a nice massage. Our dogs don’t enjoy being brushed, but they love the e-cloth Groom and Massage Mitt!

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What tips do you have to keep your home clean with pets?