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MagicBand+: A Guide to the newest Disney Accessory

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Disney’s new MagicBand upgrade is now available for your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation. What does it do, and how much does it cost? Here is everything you need to know about MagicBand+ and its vast array of custom looks.

Disney World Castle for 50th anniversary

What is MagicBand+?

MagicBands in their original form still work. MagicBand+ just builds on the technological infrastructure that MagicBand relies on. That means that the new version does all the same things, it’s just capable of doing a few more. MagicBand+ is a little bit bulkier but still comfortable to wear. It’s a lot flashier…literally. It has more lights and special effects that go off when triggered.

It also capitalizes more on the interactive potential of the RFID technology that lets it connect to various locations in the park. Because of the new capabilities, MagicBand+ does require a battery and needs to be recharged somewhat regularly.

MagicBand Basics

Prince charming regal carousel at Walt Disney World

Since MagicBand+ just builds upon the original MagicBand, it makes sense to know what MagicBand has always done. In some respects, its functions overlap with the mobile app. You can open your hotel room with the MagicBand, but you can also do that with the app. You can manage tickets in the app, but a tap of the MagicBand will get you inside the parks as well.

Magicband also gets you into Lightening Lane queues if you have reservations, and allows transactions by charging purchases to your room. Since you use your phone a lot more in the parks these days, MagicBand may seem redundant, but it’s nice to have a secondary option to make all of the actions you do in the parks easier. Upgrading to MagicBand+ maintains that option while giving you a little bit more incentive not to ditch it completely in favor of using the mobile app.

How to Set It Up

When you buy your MagicBand+ you should not expect it to be fully charged. There will be some charge on it, so you can at least do the setup, but you will need to plug it in to charge it to full capacity. This is an important step to remember prior to heading to the parks. Some people have reported their MagicBand+ dying on them within an hour of entering the park. It is likely because they didn’t fully charge it prior to heading to the park.
To start the setup process with MagicBand+ press the button on the back to power it on.

Next, tap it to your phone. It’s best to have the My Disney Experience app already downloaded and signed into your account, but if not, you get a prompt to download it so you can open it up. The rest of the instructions for linking and pairing your MagicBand+ come from the app. You can also use the app to see how much charge your MagicBand+ has. Once you are all connected you can link tickets and reservations.

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios is a great place to test out your new MagicBand+

New Features from MagicBand+

Among the new things you can currently do with the new MagicBand are interact with the 50th Anniversary Disney statues around the parks and unlock a bounty hunter game in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The displays on the band also interact with the fireworks shows in the Disney parks.

How Much is a MagicBand at Disney World?

If you’re a pass holder or a resort guest, you’ll get a discount offer before your trip. The new bands have a base price of $35 but many will cost $45 (prices subject to change). You can buy MagicBand+ in Walt Disney World at the parks and resorts and online at ShopDisney.com. If you do purchase prior to your trip, make sure to allow ample time for shipping to your home prior to leaving for your trip.

What MagicBand Plus Designs Are There?

Disney World offers a variety of MagicBand+ designs. The designs currently available vary online and also in resorts. If you see one that you want to purchase, don’t hesitate as it may be gone the next day!

How to make sure you don’t lose your MagicBand+

Losing your MagicBand or MagicBand+ could be really inconvenient if you are in the parks. We recommend something like this to secure your MagicBand+.

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