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Day Trip Essentials For Traveling With a Toddler

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Recently we took a road trip to Knoxville Zoo! Spring is the perfect time for road trips and we were so excited to spend the day with Levi on a new adventure. We all know that traveling with toddlers can be stressful, so I’ve come up with a list (and a fun printable) for day trip must haves with toddlers.

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1. Snacks and more snacks. Even though we traveled just an hour from home, we made sure to have plenty of snacks. Crackers and snacks that are easy to hand back to your toddler in the car prevent having to stop a million times.
2. Be prepared for your destination. This was one thing we DIDN’T do. It was chilly in Knoxville and we left our coats at home. We needed up stopping and purchasing one for Levi.

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3. A good stroller. I adore our Chicco stroller. It’s compact enough that it fits well in any vehicle, but it’s large enough that Levi is comfortable in it and I have room to store all of my “stuff”. I love that it has a snack and drink tray and a sun visor that is adjustable. The large basket underneath is perfect size for our diaper bag, too! It’s lightweight and easy to push, which was so nice since the Zoo had a lot of hilly terrain. You can purchase your own Chicco Bravo Stroller here.

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4. The essentials. Of course diapers, wipes, an extra set of clothes, etc are all necessities when taking a day trip with a toddler.
5. First aid supplies. Our guy has a peanut allergy so I always have to ensure his medicine is with us, but if your toddler doesn’t need any medication, a first aid kit still isn’t a bad idea. Things such as bandaids, antiseptic, etc are good items to keep in your car, especially for a day trip.
6. Cell phone charger. You never want an emergency to happen, but we all know that they do sometimes and making sure that your cell phone is charged at all times is highly important.
7. A map of your plans. Mapping out your plans ahead of time is essential, especially with a toddler. Finding restaurants that are kid friendly, knowing where rest stops are, etc are key to planning a successful road trip.

What other necessities do you take when heading out for a road trip with your toddler?

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