christmas gift ideas for 5 year old boy

Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

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If you have a five year old boy at home, you may wonder what you should buy him for Christmas. Even if you’re not buying for your child but you’re buying for someone else, such as your nephew, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling indecisive and don’t know what to get. Check out this list of some of the best 5 year old boy gifts that will surely put a smile on any young boy’s face. These gifts are fun, entertaining, and affordable. 

little boy sitting in front of the christmas tree with snacks and a dog

1. Rock Painting Set

Rock painting is a fun way to get creative while spending time indoors. It’s the perfect project to do with your little one on a cold or rainy day when you don’t want to go outside. Most rock painting sets for kids will come with rocks in different sizes, paint in different colors, and some extras, such as stickers and gemstones that encourage creativity. Once your little one has colored and designed his rocks, he can put them in his room, place them around the home, put them in your garden, and even give them out to others.

2. Disney’s Doorables

If your five-year-old likes watching Disney shows and movies, you can expect him to enjoy opening a box full of Disney’s Doorables. These cute figurines represent different characters from dozens of films and movies, including Toy Story, Tangled, Frozen, and more. There’s also an element of surprise when buying this gift because children won’t know which characters they’ve received until they open the doors and look at the characters. You can get him excited about collecting as many of them as possible and playing with them around the house.

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3. LEGO Sets

You can’t go wrong with buying a LEGO set for that special boy in your life. If he likes building, it makes this gift even more enjoyable. Be sure to choose the LEGO sets that are ideal for children over the age of four because there are several options. However, several sets are more challenging to put together and are better for older children and teens. Even so, you can easily find options that are great for younger children.

4. Kid-Friendly Scooter

Encourage outdoor play by buying an age-appropriate kick scooter. Different brands provide scooters for children of different ages, including those as young as five. It’s a great piece of equipment to have when the weather is nice and your little one wants to go out and play. He can ride the scooter up and down the block, over to the park, and even on any trails, you might visit. It is an excellent 5-year-old boy gift.

While these are four great options for young boys, you can also think about what he likes and doesn’t like to help you with your decisions. For example, he loves a specific superhero, you can find action figures of that superhero to buy as a gift. No matter what you choose to buy, wrap, and hand over as a gift, you can expect to leave a good impression and make the little boy in your life as happy as can be. These are the best 5 year old boy gifts I have been able to find. 

little boy sitting with a chrristmas gift on his lap

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