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Best Homeschooling Resources for Kindergarten

If you’ve decided that you’d like to homeschool your child entering kindergarten for the first time, finding the right resources is a must. The goal is to use these resources to your advantage while providing your child with valuable lessons throughout the year. With the right materials, you can expect to keep your child engaged and ready to learn with each lesson that you plan to present. Check out some of these incredible homeschooling kindergarten materials that can make a difference in your at-home classroom!

mother helping daughter with homeschool work on a laptop

1. ABCMouse

You’ve probably noticed it advertised on television at some point, but ABCMouse is an incredible resource for kindergarteners. The company offers a kindergarten curriculum that goes over several subjects while keeping children engaged and excited about learning. In addition to working on the computer, they can begin identifying letters, colors, shapes, words, phrases, and more. You can find thousands of lessons and activities available for young children on this website

2. Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set

Make your job of teaching your child at home a bit easier with the Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set. The set includes 160 lessons for each subject and is a Christian-friendly curriculum for those who’d like to include God in their lesson plans. In addition to dozens of plans, there is a resource book available for parents to use to have quick and easy access to answers.

The idea behind this curriculum is to teach children foundational skills while helping them improve in various subjects, including reading, math, and writing. If you want a curriculum that comes with convenient workbooks and lots of valuable information, this set is perfect for you and your little one.

girl working on homeschool homework

3. Time4Learning Online Kindergarten Curriculum

Engaging online curriculum benefits children of all ages, including those starting kindergarten. If you’d like to take a more modern approach to teaching by having your child use a tablet or laptop to complete their workload, the Time4Learning Online Kindergarten Curriculum is an excellent choice. Before you get started, you can watch video demos that go over the curriculum, subjects taught to children, and other valuable information. 

Watching the demo gives you a feel for what the curriculum is like and makes it easier to decide if it’s something you want to do or not. Most parents have nothing but positive things to say about the Time4Learning Online Kindergarten Curriculum because of the subjects it covers while keeping kids engaged and interested in what they’re learning.

4. Give a Try 

If your kindergartner does better with online instruction with a teacher, then Outschool may be for them. You can sign up for classes with other students or find a one on one instructor. This is a great homeschooling kindergarten resource that anyone can try! You can even become a teacher with Outschool to earn some extra money on the side.

mother helping daughter with homeschool homework

Choosing the Right Resources 

Be sure to use the right resources when you decide to start homeschooling your kindergartener. The goal is to choose a curriculum that teaches valuable information while keeping young children engaged in what they’re learning. You want to make learning fun, interesting, and beneficial. 

These are some of the best curriculum options available for young children. However, there are many other options and resources available, so be sure to look around, make comparisons, and then decide what to use while teaching your kindergartener at home. It doesn’t hurt to use a mixture of different resources either! Homeschooling kindergarten students can be tough, but these tips and resources can help! 

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