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9 Months Old-Letting Go…and Being Ok With It

Today our little one is 9 months old. It’s so hard to believe, it seems like just yesterday we were finding out we were having a little boy. It has been a rainy, damp morning all morning. One of those mornings where you just want to crawl under the covers and cuddle…and that is exactly what I did early this morning with my little one. I know everyone says ‘the time flies’, or ‘don’t blink, you’ll miss it’. Today, I am feeling that. I am feeling that being a mama means letting go.

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Our sweet boy, just a few weeks old

Today, I am also selling his car seat that we brought him home in. I’m selling it to a friend who is having a baby boy of her own soon, so it’s bittersweet. Part of me wants to hang on to it, along with every other thing that he has ever sat in, touched, worn or looked at. The practical part of me knows that is ridiculous. Clutter equals stress. Too much stuff is chaos waiting to happen. Yes, we want more babies, but will that happen before the car seat expires? I don’t know, only the Lord does. I would much rather someone get some use out of it than it sit in our basement and collect dust. 9 months has taught me a lot. What have I learned in 9 months?

Being a momma means a lot of waiting

Being a momma means a lot of exhaustion {and a LOT of coffee}

Being a momma means saying ‘no’ sometimes, and being ok with it.

Being a momma means letting go

Boy, that one is difficult, huh? They don’t tell you in the brochures or during the hospital tour…’hey, be prepared…you’ll have to start letting this little one go in about 3 months’. I am preparing myself for the first day of school, college, driving, girlfriends, etc. No one prepares you for the fact that your little one may be fiercely independent {wonder where he gets that from?} at 9 months old. In the past 2 weeks, our little one has gotten 2 teeth, learned to crawl and pull himself up. I can’t keep up with him! He is all over the place when we put him down, if we put him in his walker–he is opening cabinets and banging on doors…or my favorite…chasing the dog. 

Part of me is of course, sad. He is growing so very fast. But, the biggest part of me is happy. I am clapping my hands with him as he inhales the world around him.

That sweet little boy was in the NICU 9 months ago, hooked up to IV’s and oxygen. Now? He is flourishing. He is strong, he is growing and he is happy. So while I am learning to let go, I am also learning to be joyful about it and to rejoice in the fact that our sweet little boy is getting so big. I am rejoicing in the fact that we have been blessed with 9 amazing months with this wild little one. I am thankful that I am his momma. Letting Go & Being Ok With It



Thursday 29th of September 2016

Time sure does seem to fly! I'm due with my daughter on Christmas Eve this year, and everyone says to enjoy every moment when she's here.


Thursday 29th of September 2016

Love this!! My daughter is almost 1 and I'm in denial! But, I love watching her grow and learn new things everyday!


Thursday 29th of September 2016

Wow, you've had quite the journey already and still a lot more to go! Great post.


Wednesday 28th of September 2016

You are so right! Time sure does fly. My little one is now five and in kindergarten - I have no idea how the years have passed. It's a good reminder to take pause and enjoy the moment you are in.

Loving Living Lancaster

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

Oh wow! They do grow so fast!

Alix Maza

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

Aww sweet post! Letting go can be hard, but there will be great times ahead.

Alix |

Loving Living Lancaster

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

So true, each stage is so fun!