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5 Ways We Saved Money in June

Although I did receive a Mamaway Ring Sling in exchange for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

June was a decent month for us when it came to saving money. We found several creative ways to save money and although we didn’t save as much as we have in months past, we still saved some money in June.

Baby Formula Savings- Our little one is formula fed, for the most part. If you have ever purchased formula, you know how expensive it is! We have been using the CVS brand formula for a few months and our little one seems to tolerate it well. CVS has sales usually one a month for buy one get one 50% off baby formula. I try to hold out and purchase the formula then, which saves us about $16 a can. Total Savings: $32

saved money

Baby Wearing- I know this may seem like an odd way to save money, but it HAS saved us money! Now that our little one is getting a little too heavy for me to carry around in his infant seat, I have had to find a practical way to carry him around, but still be able to have my hands free. I had been shopping carriers that were close to $200 each, then I ran across this Mamaway Ring SlingIt’s $69.99 on Amazon and works amazing for our 6 month old! I was a little scared of using a ring sling at first, but this sling is very sturdy and easy on my back. Plus, it saved us close to $150 by not having to buy a $200 carrier. Total Savings: $200

mamaway ring sling

Restaurant Coupons-Of course we try to save money by not eating out, but sometimes there are nights when it’s almost impossible to not eat out. When we did eat out this month, I tried to use coupons whenever possible. Estimated Savings: $35

Diaper Savings-I have been watching sales on diapers and wipes, because, well..they are expensive, too! The best deal I have found on wipes is Sam’s Club’s normal pricing, which is nice! I did find a great sale on diapers this month at our local grocery store, that combined with some coupons saved us a decent amount of money on diapers. Estimated Savings-$20

5 Ways we saved money in june

Sarah Faison

Friday 8th of July 2016

We enjoyed your blog and way to go with savings $$$. It takes creativity and discipline.