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30 Day Spring Cleaning Calendar to Keep You On Track

Spring is here again and it’s time to do all the cleaning. I know it can feel daunting, but I have broken it down into a 30-day calendar so that you can get your home deep cleaned even if you are a busy mom being pulled in 9 different directions at all times.

First, look and see all those days of rest? Every 6th day is a day of rest. You need those. Don’t skip them! Taking a break is not lazy, it’s energy and motivation conservation.

You can either use this as a 30-day calendar or you can use each line as a whole week. If you choose to make each one a week then you will have a day of rest and a day to catch up. Catch up days are perfect if you are really busy one day and just don’t get to the list.

30 Day Spring Cleaning Calendar Printable

Of course with any cleaning plan, we will start in your kitchen. For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home and where people gather to make snacks and hang out. So this room also tends to be the messiest and has the most places to deep clean and attracts the most clutter.

Then you move through cleaning your other areas like bedrooms, dining room, laundry area, bathrooms.

While going through each room keep a box handy for donations and a bag for trash. As you clean and dust through your things, really decide if you still want everything in the area you are cleaning. You can declutter the area while you are cleaning the area.

So often clutter slowly and sneakily shows up in our homes through gifts, impulse buys and other people in our home.

Use this printable Spring Cleaning Calendar to get your house cleaned and decluttered in 30 days without exhausting yourself.

Click here to download yours!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Calendar Allison R. Lancaster