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3 Things to Do In Orlando with Kids

Visiting Orlando with kids soon? There are so many things to do in Orlando with kids that it can be difficult to decide what to do. After our recent trip with our kids, I’m here to help you decide what things you must do in Orlando with kids and what other things you can skip.

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s July! We spent almost 4 weeks in Florida at the end of May-mid-June and it was so wonderful. After last year, we knew that we wanted to spend a good few weeks relaxing with the kids but also experiencing new things together. Florida is one of our favorite places to vacation and we rented the Air BNB that we had a couple of years ago in St. Augustine again this year. After our 2 weeks were up there, we actually spent another 5 days on the coast outside of St. Augustine at another Air BNB. Then….we headed to Orlando!

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Family playing in water on beach in St. Augustine Florida

When we decided to head over to Orlando, we knew we would be there for Rebecca’s third birthday (still can’t believe she’s 3!). There were a lot of things that we wanted to do, but also we only had about 5 days in Orlando so we knew we would have limited time. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando and you aren’t sure what things to do in Orlando with kids and what to skip, this post is for you!

Things to Do in Orlando With Kids

Magic Kingdom

Ok, this might be obvious but I honestly wasn’t sure this was a good idea since our kids are so young (Levi is 5 and Rebecca is 3). But Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World resort is filled with great attractions that are slow moving and fit for kids who are just learning how to walk.

We loved riding the rides together as a family- our favorite was the “It’s a Small World Tea Cups”. A few of you have asked me if Magic Kingdom is worth it for just one day and my answer is “YES!”. We ended up getting there about 30 minutes prior to open which was wonderful. They actually have a ‘rope drop’ most days where they open the park earlier than the posted hours. This gave us a chance to get in, start riding rides and beat most of the lines. The longest line we waited in was for the Buzz Lightyear ride but it really was only about a 20 minute wait. 

The day that we were at Magic Kingdom was Rebecca’s actual birthday and it was truly magical. Seeing the kids’ faces as they entered the park for the first time took me right back to my childhood. 

things to do in Orlando with Kids Disney World

We also had lunch at Be Our Guest. Rebecca is a huge Beauty and the Beast fan (as am I!) so we thought this would be a fun birthday lunch. Honestly, this is one of those things I would do once but probably not again. The food wasn’t super great for the price but the atmosphere was so magical. In my opinion, it’s worth it just to ‘dine in the Beast’s castle’ but if you’re looking for a luxurious meal this is probably not the place. 

things to do in Orlando with Kids Magic Kingdom

I do recommend taking your own bottles of water and cooling towels into the park. If you have younger kids, it’s a great idea to either take or rent a double stroller. Levi even rode in the stroller to beat the heat. It was also great to put our drinks and bag on the stroller vs. having to carry it all around. 

Rent a Vacation Home in Orlando

I know this may sound weird but we rented a VRBO about 10 minutes outside of Magic Kingdom and it was perfect. The house was spacious (honestly…I ended up lost a few times in there ha!) and also had a private pool. With the kids’ sleep schedules the house worked out better for us than a hotel room would have. 

I also loved having a kitchen, washer and dryer and each of us having our own rooms to spread out in. If I needed to work, I was able to or if one of the kids needed a nap they were able to in their own room. We also spent one day between parks just relaxing and resting at the house away from the crowds. I highly recommend this! 

Discovery Cove

Thank you to Discovery Cove for hosting us during our visit!

From the underwater escapades to the airy hammocks that’s ideal for napping under the sun, Discovery Cove will make you feel like you’ve made it to tropical paradise.

things to do in Orlando with Kids Discovery Cove

There are many amazing spots from the Grand Reef, Small Mammal Viewings, to the Wind-Away River with no rafts and tubes, and everyone’s favorite activity which is the Dolphin Swim.

It is an all inclusive day resort so you have unlimited food and drink which was so nice with the kids. One thing to note is that kids under 6 can’t do the dolphin swim, so I would prepare your kids ahead of time. We had to have that discussion at the park and the kids were a bit sad. However, the way that it’s set up you can see the dolphins from the beach pretty closely which the kids loved! 

things to do in Orlando with Kids Discovery Cove

Orlando truly has some of the best sights and wonderful things to do. So if you’re thinking about bringing your kids with you to your next trip, I hope these tips on things to do in Orlando with kids will be helpful. We can’t wait to go back! 

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