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2017 Baby Registry Must Haves

This a sponsored post. I received a product or products and/or compensation for this post. As always, I only work with brands I know and love. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Baby Registries are one of the most overwhelming and confusing things for a new mom. I know when I was pregnant with our little one, I was overwhelmed with all of the options out there. Onesies or gowns? Jogging stroller or umbrella stroller? The options are endless and as moms, we want to make the best selection and decisions for our little ones. Now that I have been a mom for over a year, I have found that some items I have used a ton and other items…well, they’ve been stuck in the closet for over a year. These items are updated throughout the year as new products come out and I find other items that are great for baby-make sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

I am proud to share with you my 2017 Baby Registry Must Have Guide


Newton Crib Mattress.  Not only is the Newton Crib mattress available in various colors (how cute!!), it’s also 100% breathable, washable and recyclable. It’s also free of toxins and has no off-gassing- very important for moms to be that are concerned about their little ones! I highly recommend the Newton Crib Mattress for all parents to be- it’s the perfect item for your baby registry!

All colors

logo updatedBabyPlus is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that introduces patterns of sound to the prenatal child in the only language he or she can understand – a mother’s maternal heartbeat. The spoken word is too difficult for the developing child to understand, and music is too complex. However, scientifically conducted studies show that the prenatal child recognizes the maternal heartbeat and can learn to differentiate progressive versions of that sound. BabyPlus parents report babies at birth and infancy more readily nurse, display an increased ability to self-soothe, display more alertness, and become more interactive and responsive. Later in life, BabyPlus parents say their children hit earlier developmental milestones, exhibit improved school readiness, possess enhanced intellectual abilities, develop greater creativity and independence, and have longer attention spans. The developmental benefits of BabyPlus last a lifetime!

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Sound Machine/White Noise. This particular sound machine is great. We used it even in the hospital with our little one and he still sleeps with it. We have two dogs so, during nap time, especially-the sound machine is great! It blocks out noise and even allows me to do things around the house without worrying if I’m being too noisy.q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00SIL7EZ2&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=lovinglivingl 20ir?t=lovinglivingl 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00SIL7EZ2

infanttech smarttemp Wireless Bluetooth® Thermometer

When Fever strikes infanttech’s smarttemp provides parents a new high tech way to continuously monitor a child’s temperature through a smartphone. Using Bluetooth technology a parent can keep baby close but not disturb them when checking their temperature. Using a traditional digital thermometer requires parents to frequently monitor their children’s temperature manually and especially at night.

The ‘Bare Necessities’:

Dr. Brown’s Lotions/ Diaper Cream. 

Dr. Brown’s is one of the best companies when it comes to baby essentials like lotions, diaper cream, etc. Our little one has eczema and we have tried so many different products-Dr. Brown’s products are one of the only ones that are sensitive enough for his skin…but that also work.

IMG 3336

Towels & Blankets. Repeat after me: get all the towels and blankets. When we had our baby shower, we received a TON of blankets. Silly pre-mom me thought “ok, what am I going to do with all of these blankets?” I was so wrong! We still use blankets everyday for our little one, whether it’s for nap time, in the car when it’s chilly or in his stroller. I love these blankets (especially the stroller blanket) from Blue Baby Bum! Towel are also a MUST HAVE. We love these hooded towels from Blue Baby Bum, they are the perfect size and are not teeny tiny like some baby towels.

IMG 3251

Diapers. It doesn’t matter what brand you choose, register for diapers! Register for a TON of DIAPERS. More than you think you’ll need…because trust me, you’ll use them. The best thing about diapers is they are easy to exchange in store also.
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Wipes. Of course, wipes are also a necessity. I have found that most ‘off brand’ wipes work just as well as name brand wipes. I do make sure to get unscented for our little one since he has sensitive skin.
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Shampoo/Baby Wash. 
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Stonz Infant Booties. The versatile, soft-soled booties are the original idea from which Stonz was born! The Infant Booties are made with skid-resistant rubberized soles which are great for developing feet. In fact, they were given the Seal of Approval as a recommended product for developing feet by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. They have a soft, fleece lining so they can be worn with socks, slippers, shoes or bare feet! Or they can be layered with the Stonz Linerz for extra comfort and protection against cold weather. Stonz Booties can be worn almost year-round! The practical two-toggle system allows for a customized fit so the booties are easy to put on but won’t fall off.


Swaddle Sacks. These are amazing! When you are sleep deprived and emotional, the last thing you want to do is try to learn to swaddle a baby. These velcro swaddles were a lifesaver the first few weeks with our little one.

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Dr. Brown’s Feeding EssentialsThese were the only bottles our little one really liked. They don’t flow too fast, so they are perfect for a newborn. Since we have transitioned our little one to sippy cups and solid foods, Dr. Brown’s products are still the only ones we rely on. Their sippy cups are amazing and their spoons/plates make it easy for a little one to learn how to eat on their own.

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Bottle Warmer. This bottle warmer is amazing! It also includes a basket to sterilize pacis/bottle nipples. We still use this to sterilize pacis!
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Milkies Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle

Everything a breastfeeding mother needs to help ensure nursing success – in one cute little bundle (baby not included). The perfect baby shower gift!

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For Mom:

CiPU Baby Diaper Bag.  Let’s face it, diaper bags can be well…ugly. You don’t have to worry about that with this CiPU diaper bag! It’s gorgeous, high quality and has so many pockets you will never run out of places for baby’s items (or your necessities). This particular bag pictured below comes with 12 compartments!

IMG 3558



Playgro Ball Activity Nest

The Ball Activity Nest Gym offers three fun stages of play! The gym offers engaging hanging toys, featuring a water-filled teether, mirror for learning reflections and soft plush characters with click-clack beads. The gym also comes with 32 colorful plastic balls that can be secured around the edge of the gym or loose in the gym for play. You can purchase online at Burlington Coat Factory.

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Edwin the Duck How adorable is this little guy? Not only is he a cute rubber duckie, he is a smart toy! With three separate apps, you can have fun with Edwin’s interactive stories and games, enjoy the benefits of his parenting tools or stimulate your child’s mind with preschool learning. With Edwin’s waterproof Bluetooth wireless enabled speaker, you can give your child a safe place to learn and play with original songs, stories, educational games and more. You can learn more here. Edwin the Duck Retails for $49.99

IMG 3249





2017 Baby Registry Must Haves - Everything You Need For Baby

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Sunday 24th of June 2018

This is really a great list. I appreciate with this. I am pregnant now with my first baby. And i am so glade to found this with helpful. I bookmark your website. Thanks for the sharing this with lots of information.


Sunday 21st of January 2018

This is a great list! I have created a list of just the essentials on my new blog. Please feel free to take a look. I would love any comments or suggestions!


Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Awesome post. very informative post especially to me as a soon -to-be mother.

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Thursday 14th of September 2017

These are definitely must have products! Can't wait to have them!