15 winter activities for toddlers

15 Winter Activities for Toddlers

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Keeping your toddlers busy is easier than you might think. Sometimes you just need a list to help make sure you have the RIGHT activities. Toddlers can keep their parents super busy. It’s time that the tables are turned and the parents have a way to keep the toddlers active. 

toddler girl sledding in the snow

Winter Activities for Toddlers 

#1. Building a fort – This is perhaps the most fun thing you can do with a toddler indoors during the winter months. 

#2. Obstacle course – If you have toddlers who like to stay busy, then building them an obstacle course is a good idea. 

#3. Make cookies together – Toddlers can actually help with baking, you just have to be patient and give them lots of directions. 

mother and son baking cookies together

#4. Play in the snow – Get bundled up and go outside and play in the snow with your toddler, they will love it! 

#5. Look at the weather each day – Create a routine with your toddler by looking at the weather each day. Ask them what they think the weather is going to do that day. Also, ask them what the weather is currently doing. 

#6. Put a puzzle together – Not all toddlers enjoy puzzles, but if your toddler does, then this is an excellent winter activity for toddlers. 

#7. Indoor trampoline – If you have the funds, purchase an indoor trampoline, this will keep them busy for hours. 

#8. Play with playdough – Believe it or not, but playdough is one of the best hands on activities you can do with toddlers. 

#9. Finger painting – Winter activities for toddlers include finger painting. Prepare to make a mess and have a ton of fun doing it. 

toddler holding hands up finger painting

MORE Winter Activities for Toddlers 

#10. Sensory activities – A rice bin is an excellent indoor sensory activity that many toddlers love to do! 

#11. Dry erase board fun – Yes, toddlers LOVE to draw on dry erase boards. Grab a cheap one and let your toddlers go to town with drawing. 

#12. Dance, dance, and dance – Crank up the music and dance with your toddler! Put their favorite song on, along with yours and get to dancing! 

toddler girl dancing in her room

#13. Indoor camping – If you want an activity that will last for hours, then try indoor camping. You can even put the tent up and make camp friendly foods for your toddler. 

#14. Let your toddler help with chores – Although it may take mom or dad longer, letting your toddler help with chores is a great winter activity!

#15. Make your own books – Let your toddler come up with their very own story. You write it out and they can help to illustrate it! 

Keeping those little hands and feet busy isn’t always easy, but this list will help. Winter activities for toddlers are endless because they still have such an amazing imagination at that age. 

Just remember to show extra patience and understanding at this age because toddlers have their own little personalities and agenda! You will use a lot of redirection during these activities. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and make memories with your little ones! 

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