1. We went to Holland when our youngest was just over a year…and yes…all the things. My sister in law (who was living there at the time) stocked up on the essentials for us – but we still had way too much stuff.

  2. I tend to be more of an overpacker that an underpacker, haha. We just recently began using our umbrella stroller and now we have so much more room in the trunk ☺️ Also, I love that bag because it does not look like a diaper bag!

  3. So interesting how people’s essential items differ! I travel with my baby (also born in December) everywhere. Disposable diapers and wipes, because I’m not going to deal with cloth diaper laundry while traveling. Sometimes no crib; we can co-sleep for the few days of a trip. I’m surprised you can still use that little seat! Our squirmy little one grew out of that a few months ago. No stroller – it’s bulky and my wrap works great for babywearing. No bottles – I breastfeed, but now she’s old enough for normal cups and solid food too. No diaper bag – I don’t own one, preferring a large purse instead. Also on my list: a car seat, baby clothes, a couple of small toys, and a baby blanket which doubles as a nursing cover. Thankfully, travel should be slowing down for us for a little while. Lists evolve as the baby grows!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing with your followers about us! Please tag us when you take pics with your precious gem wearing the Winnie Pooh bib. Enjoyed your blog.

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