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Tips for Keeping Your Home Dust Free (When You Hate Dusting)

Last Updated on May 23, 2017 by Allison Lancaster

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Last month, I talked about how much I hated cleaning our windows and glass in our home before I discovered e-cloth®. Today, I have another confession to make: I don’t dust. More accurately: I used to not dust. I seriously HATED it. I pride myself on keeping our home pretty clean and organized, but dusting was not on my ‘to-do’ list. Ever. I always felt ‘sneezy’ afterwards and it never felt like I actually gathered and got rid of all of the dust. It felt like I was just pushing it around. Recently, I’ve been trying to do better and dust more. Did you know that May is allergy and asthma awareness month? My husband and I both suffer from allergies, so I know that keeping our home dust free is a must in staying as healthy as possible, I have gathered up a few of my favorite tips to keep your home dust free (when you hate dusting) and I’m happy to share those with you!

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Set a Schedule.

This is key in keeping your home dust free. For me, this means I set a calendar reminder once a month to dust certain areas and bi-weekly for other areas. If I have an ‘alarm’ go off that reminds me to dust, I am more likely to actually do the chore. I have the reminder set for a time that Levi is down for a nap and I usually have a bit of down time. So, if I’m watching the latest episode of The Chew, it’s not a huge sacrifice for me to get up and get moving around and dust.IMG 4237

Know Your Weaknesses.

No, I’m not talking about your hatred for dusting. I’m talking about know what areas get dusty quickly. For us, that’s our living room mantle and ceiling fans. I try to dust those bi-weekly. This keeps dusting from being such a huge chore to tackle at one time.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

One of the reasons I hated dusting was because I felt like I was constantly knocking things over and picking them up when I dusted, or I couldn’t fully dust the blinds in a time efficient manner. That’s where my newest favorite e-cloth® product comes in. The High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove is simply amazing. I slip it on and get to work when it’s dusting time. It’s heavy duty and large enough to dust our blinds, fans and wall décor with this glove, but also delicate enough that I can dust our most precious mementos without worrying about knocking them over and breaking them. If I’m dusting an area that I want to get especially clean like window sills (hello teething toddler), I add a bit of water. When used with water, the glove removes over 99% of bacteria including E-Coli and Listeria. It also ensures I’m not introducing unhealthy toxic chemicals into my baby boy’s system. Did you know that 30% of childhood asthma is attributed to chemical exposure? That is so scary to me! I am thankful that we now have a chemical free dusting solution!IMG 4232

If you are like me and you’ve always dreaded dusting, I highly recommend this product (get it at ACE Hardware!), it will make your life so much easier and if you’re like me, you’ll start to enjoy dusting!


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Young Meagher

Monday 21st of August 2017

Thanks for sharing this. My husband needs to read lol. Pinned and bookmarked.

Lacey Anne Douthat

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Okay this is awesome! I am a dust freak and this would be so helpful!



Chelsea Pearl

Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Dust be gone! I am super allergic to dust mites so a dust free environment is crucial. This looks like the easiest thing to tidy up with!

Loving Living Lancaster

Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Yes, you need this for sure!


Tuesday 16th of May 2017

Oh I need these! We have dogs so there's dog hair everywhere and of course tons of dust from always going outside and stuff!

Rachel R Ritlop

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

Nice! I hadn't heard of this before! I always use Swiffer Dusters

Loving Living Lancaster

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

You should try e-cloth!