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God Gave Me a Brother (When I Asked for a Sister)

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Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Allison Lancaster

I can remember it like it was yesterday. No, there wasn’t one specific moment I remember-but a collection of them. The fights, the screaming, the hair pulling, my poor dolls riding around in the bed of some plastic dump truck. I can remember being a teenager and being envious of my friends with older sisters. A sister to teach them the ropes of hair and make up, a sister to share dating stories with, a built in best friend…right in your own home. When my brother was born, I was too young to understand the consequences of having a brother vs. a sister. I was three and he was a tiny baby. As we grew older though, I understood just what it meant. WHY DIDN’T I GET A SISTER? 

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That phase didn’t last long (thankfully). As we both outgrew our awkward younger teenage years, we became inseparable. More specifically: once I got my driver’s license we became inseparable. It didn’t matter that I was a few years older, our group of friends somehow meshed and you never saw one of us on a Friday night without the other.

We would cruise around the local town for hours on end, flying into the driveway at exactly 10 seconds before curfew. 

We would save our money to go to a movie with our friends. 

We would get dressed up and walk around the mall for hours, as if we had some place to go. 

We took beach trips together and trips to the mountains. 

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When he graduated high school, I was 20. I was in a place in my life where I had been heart broken by guy after guy and I was ready to just be young and free. My brother was right there, as always. We took a cruise to celebrate his graduation…and we had the BEST time. The years between 17 and 21 were years that I look back on and laugh at. We weren’t crazy in the sense of illegal activities, we just had fun. We would laugh for hours at the craziest things. Each memory has one common theme: Christopher was there. By my side. Laughing with me. Pushing curfew with me. Making memories with me.

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A few short years later, I got married and moved a state away.

Not long after that, he got married and I had our little one (ironically- just a few days before his wedding–sorry guys!). We still talk often and every time we are together, we still laugh hysterically and have the best time. Now our Friday nights look a little different. When we are together, we often go out to eat, have a glass of wine or watch a movie with our spouses- we haven’t grown apart, we have just grown up and our family has expanded.

Things may have changed as we have gotten older, but one thing hasn’t changed: I have a life long, best friend that I know will be there for me no matter what happens.

Even though we are ‘adults’ now, I thank God everyday that He gave me a brother. I’m so thankful he is my little one’s uncle. Today is his birthday and I hope it’s the best day ever for him. Happy Birthday, little brother!18555837 1026619900808925 2687326866896567632 n


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  1. There is a reason for everything. Cherish always what you do have.

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