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Things to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve

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It’s hard to believe, but another year is almost in the books! And if you plan on staying home while celebrating with your children this year, there are several fun activities, snacks, and games to consider. Check out these fun things to do with your kids this New Year’s Eve. 

kids celebrating new year's eve with confetti and pom poms

1. Come Up with a Family Resolution 

Grow closer together as a family by creating a New Year’s resolution. It’s up to you whether it has to do with improving your family in some way or simply making it a habit of spending more time together. If you’re having a hard time coming up with any ideas, check out these top 10 family resolutions

2. Countdown the Hours Before Midnight

For every hour, have your kiddos pop another balloon that has the correct time on it. And to make it even more exciting, you can have a fun activity written down on a piece of paper hidden inside that they’ll discover once the balloon has been popped. It’s entirely up to you how many balloons you have and what time you start the countdown. 

3. Make Your Own Party Hats and Confetti Poppers

It’s not possible to celebrate the New Year with children if you don’t have party hats and confetti poppers available. Here’s how to make confetti poppers out of toilet paper rolls along with several unique ways to design your own party hats.

kids with party hats and party horns on new year's eve

4. Create a Previous Year Slide Show and Watch It

Reflect while watching some of your family’s greatest 2021 moments by making a slide show that you can all sit down and watch at some point during the night. There’s guaranteed to be a few laughs from the kids and one or two tears from mom.

5. Hold a Marshmallow Fight

Have you ever seen a whiteout before? Well, you’re probably not thinking about the same thing, but a marshmallow fight with your kids can make your home interesting. Once the fun has subsided, resort to making a marshmallow catapult to see who can launch their marshmallow the furthest. 

6. Plan Together a Fun Snack Menu

Sit down with one another a day or two before New Year’s Eve to come up with a tasty snack and treat menu that you all will enjoy throughout the evening. You can even consider setting out an ice cream dessert bar with sprinkles, chopped-up Oreos, and of course, hot fudge!

toddler celebrating new year's eve with confetti

7. Create Your Own Ball that You Can Drop

Instead of watching the ball drop on the television, why not create your own ball as a family that you can drop at any time? This is especially a good idea if you have younger children that won’t be able to hold themselves together until midnight. 

8. Make a Toast to the New Year

While you certainly don’t want your children raising a toast with a glass filled with champagne, they can still sip on delicious red or white grape juice so that they can feel more grown-up. 

These are just a handful of fun ways to celebrate with your kids this New Year’s Eve. Can you think of any other things to do with your family on that night? Which of these will you consider doing before the clock strikes midnight?

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