4 Tips to Keep Your Toddler From Taking Their Diaper Off

4 Tips to Keep Your Toddler From Taking Their Diaper Off

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Does your toddler take their diaper off? I feel your pain. I’m sharing my top tips with you to keep your toddler from taking their diaper off, and to save your sanity!

The dreaded diaper battle. With Levi, we never worried about him taking his diaper or clothes off. He just didn’t do it. (Praise the Lord!!) Then, Rebecca came along and she takes her diaper off every chance she gets!

If you leave her alone for 5 seconds, she will take her diaper and clothes off…then, run and laugh at you. It was cute the first, second and third times…but now, the 350th time, not so cute.

Over the past 6 months we’ve learned some tips and tricks for helping your toddler to keep their diaper on. These may not all work for you or your toddler, you have to just test them and see what works well for you.

4 Tips to Keep Your Toddler From Taking Their Diaper Off

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Get Creative With Clothing

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Rebecca really started taking her diaper and clothes off when she was around 18 months old. Around that same time, she decided she wanted to start picking out her clothes which consisted of her Halloween costume: an Elsa Dress from Frozen. She would wear that dress everyday if we would let her. However, one trick we found: when she has the Elsa dress on, she’s less likely to take off her clothes. We add a pair of pants or a snap onesie under it and it has really helped to keep her from taking off her diaper.

Other creative things we’ve done with clothing are: putting on a pair of pants and then a snap onesie over that; adding a pair of pants or shorts under a dress, and finally for sleep: we’ve put her back into a sleep sack like this one. We put it on backwards so that it zips in the back, but she has only gotten it off maybe once.

Size Up in Diapers

This is my most recent trick but it works. We sized up in diapers so that I can overlap the tabs. This makes it much more difficult for her to take them off but it isn’t so tight on her that it’s uncomfortable. I know it sounds odd but it works. You could also even add a small piece of tape over the tabs if the overlapping tabs don’t stop your little one from taking their diaper off.

Occupy Them

Let’s face it: we think we can watch our toddlers 24/7 but at some point we have to step away to use the restroom or to stir dinner on the stove. If you know that you have to step away from your toddler for a few minutes, give them something that occupies them and that is only for them to play with when you step away. Of course make sure this is something safe for them to have while you aren’t watching them closely. Busy boards or this adorable bear are a great option for this time. I also make sure that I am within earshot of Rebecca, I know if she is really quiet she is probably undressing!

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Start Potty Training

Often when your toddler starts to take their diaper off after it is soiled or wet, they are telling you that they are ready for potty training. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to potty training, I have two posts you will want to read:


What other tips do you have for keeping your toddler’s diaper on? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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