Edible chocolate play dough for kids
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Edible Chocolate Play Dough

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Have you ever been told “don’t play with your food?” Well that doesn’t apply here! With this fun and easy edible chocolate play dough recipe, you are actually encouraged to play with your food!

The best part of this recipe? It only requires two ingredients! It really can’t get easier than this! You will only need some chocolate frosting, as well as powdered sugar. 

Okay, sure this isn’t the most nutritious “snack”, but it’s great fun once in a while and I’m sure the kids will agree!

Using edible chocolate play dough is a great way to let kids mold their fun designs and creations, but without you having to be concerned about accidentally eating anything they shouldn’t be since this is totally kid safe! 

Edible play dough is such an easy thing to throw together for kids to play with, and the best part is, it doesn’t require any baking! 

Edible chocolate play dough for kids

Another benefit to creating a batch of edible chocolate play dough? It smells amazing! Chocolate lovers unite! 

Not only can you sculpt neat designs with this homemade play dough recipe, you can also use cookie cutters to create some fun shapes! 

What is edible chocolate play dough?

There are different types of edible play dough that you can make, chocolate is just one option! If you want a different color, or if there’s a chocolate allergy in your home, then you can definitely use other ingredients such as peanut butter if there are no peanut allergies to keep in mind!

Why play with play dough?

Play dough is a great way to help build the muscles in children’s hands! It’s also a really great way for them to get creative and sculpt fun things for themselves. It’s a fun way for them to get their creative imaginations spinning. 

How do you make edible play dough taste better?

If you want to spice up the flavour of the play dough, then you can add a few extra ingredients to the recipe. You could try using vanilla extract, or maybe even a touch of honey! 

Equipment Needed

Spoon, mixing bowl, air tight container.

Edible chocolate play dough for kids

Edible Chocolate Play Dough

Try this kid friendly, food safe edible chocolate play dough!


  • 1 cup chocolate frosting
  • 2 cups powdered sugar (also known as icing sugar)


    1. Mix the frosting and 1 cup of powdered sugar together, pressing with the back of a spoon, until it creates a sticky dough.
    2. Continue adding powdered sugar a little at a time, kneading on a lightly sugar-dusted surface, until the desired consistency is reached.
      Prepping the edible chocolate play dough
      Rolling out the edible chocolate play dough
    3. Store play dough in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Refrigerated dough will be stiff. Allow to come to room temperature before playing.
      Edible chocolate play dough for kids

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I hope you find this edible chocolate play dough recipe to be a fun DIY experience at home with the kids! It’s sure to be a hit with them made better by it being a delicious smelling and food safe alternative to what you can buy in stores!

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